February 22, 2010

7 Habits of Highly Effective LDS Homeschoolers

In today’s paper there is an article, announcing the 2nd city in the state to teach Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in their schools.  You might wonder why something like this is in the paper here.  Well it’s because here in the south (the Bible Belt) the anti-Mormon movement is strong. Anything that smells mormon is shunned and often attacked.

As I was thinking about how beneficial learning to be more effective could be for the students in those two mentioned schools, of course my thoughts went to homeschooling.  What would the 7 Habits of Highly Effective LDS Homeschoolers be?

What do you think?  Leave me your thoughts in the comments box below.  Sometime in the future I will use your comments to make a poll to see (by popular vote) what those 7 habits would be.

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Jillian said...

I would say in our home it has been to LET THE LORD LEAD. Sometimes I feel that a child really needs a skill and I will push it, even though we do a lot of child let things. But these feelings aren't always my own, I try to pray before I teach to know what the Lord wants my children to become.

Anonymous said...

put the lord first- when personal and family prayer and scripture are done first thing in the morning- i notice i have more calm and strength for the rest of the day- constantly praying for guidance!(homeschooling lds mom of 7 children)

Cindy said...

Constant maintenance. Everything needs constant maintenance from our house cleaning to our callings. Anything we ignore for too long eventually ends up in the critical needs department. This is true of schooling children too. If you ignore one subject too long things are forgotten. Review is good, and keeping up on things over the summer can be fun and very helpful to a good start the next year.

Jess said...

1. start every morning with personal prayer
2. start school with family prayer
3. Devotional/scriptures
4. patience
5. lead by example
6. take time to enjoy each other
7. close school hours with prayer of thanks

these are just the 7 that come to my mind right now... but I will be looking forward to what others say.. =)

The Judd's said...

Our favorite seven are:

1) Organization and scheduling - including meal planning and snack planning, too!!
2) Up early and exercise :) gets their brains going!!
3) Prayer - before and after and during as needed
4) Scripture study
5) Alone time
6) Together Time
7) BREAKS as needed - be flexible :)

These are the ones that are important to us, but I am enjoying reading everyone elses!!

legendswife said...

ah I just stumbled upon this. I wrote awhile back on my blog that each of us as parents should have a vision for our children using step 2)begin with the end in mind.

come

God Bless