February 24, 2010

FHE Idea: Lehi’s Dream

lehi dreamOne of our most memorable Family Home Evenings centered on 1 Nephi chapter 8, Lehi’s Dream. In this chapter the prophet Lehi tells his children of a dream he has had. The key parts for our young group were:
  • A straight and narrow path leading to the Tree of Life.
  • An iron rod along the path which represents the word of God, leading to the tree.
In the dream some follow the path, cling to the rod, and make it to the tree. Others get lost in mists of darkness that arise to confuse them. Others make it to the tree to partake of the sweet fruit(which represents the love of God), only to be ashamed because of the mocking crowds in a large and spacious building(the world), and they wander off and are lost. In the past we have read the story from both the scriptures themselves and the Book of Mormon Stories reader from the Church. On this particular night we read the story from our scriptures. Then children then retold the story together, reminding each other of important parts. Here is where the fun started.
We set up our home as Lehi’s Dream. At the top of this post is a picture of our straight and narrow path made from my Moby Wrap, though a line of towels would work just as well. The iron rod was a rope which was tied between the treadmill in one room and the table(or tree of Life) in another room. On the table we had a box of sweet ‘fruit’(Mike and Ike's candy). We rehearsed the dream several times. One time daddy was up on a chair mocking like the people in the spacious building, another time we told them to close their eyes because of the mists of darkness and use the rod to make it to the tree. The last time down the path we stopped each child halfway to the tree and gave them a question to answer before they could continue. These were "What would you do if..." questions.
Family Home Evening has strengthened our family’s understanding of the scriptures while bringing us together as a family. Our FHE’s are usually simple, always hands-on, and help us make wonderful memories together. Feel free to leave a comment telling one of your favorite Family Home Evening memories! You can drop in and visit Tristan and her family at their homeschool blog, Our Busy Homeschool.

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- Dana ♥ said...

My daughter said your post picture looks "FUN!" ☺

Aja Jenise said...

Thank you thank you! We just read Lehi's Dream, and drew pictures of it with the missionaries last week. This would be a great activity to enjoy this Monday for the children... thank you again.