February 21, 2010

Food Storage Ideas for your family

FOCUS - Food Storage

Are you overwhelmed on what to do? Donna Miller says we should take a breath and relax. Check our her tips on making food storage easier @ The homestead mindset anywhere: by Donna Miller

Find out how much food storage you need for your family. Just add how many family members and their ages and it calculates what you will need for 1 year. Food Storage Calculator

How can I afford that amount of food storage? Here are some ideas on How to afford Food Storage

Just for fun! Can you make fondant from only things from your food storage? Well this woman did! Here at Food Storage made easy .

So on that same web site Food Storage made easy I found a Emergency Preparedness plan  you can print off for your family.

Here are some ideas on where you can put your food storage. Preparedness Pantry

Water is the most important thing in your food storage, here are some interesting fact on storing water and how much to store @ Fun With Food Storage, Finances and more

You'll want to check this out - Top ten Food Storage Myths

Jen, Mom of 4 and loving each and every minute of it! Here you can read more about our family. The adventures of homeschooling with the Leiberts

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- Dana ♥ said...

I LOVE Food Storage Made Easy! They are great. Plus if you go to their sister site http://everydayfoodstorage.net/ they have video tutorials on how to use it in everyday things. I need all the help I can get.