February 19, 2010

God’s Math vs. The World’s Math

I cannot count the number of times someone has heard we have 5 young children and they make comments about how hard it must be. The ones that especially stand out are from parents of one or two children, who say they can barely keep up with the children they have. I know a lot of those comments come from a simple misconception because I said the same thing when I only had one and then two children. They do the world’s math:

1 child + 1 child = lots of work
1 child + 1 child + 1 child + 1 child + 1 child = IMPOSSIBLE

It is an easy mistake to make, one that follows the world’s ‘logic’. What really happens, however, is an equation more like this one:

1 child + 1 child + 1 child + 1 child + 1 child = More Hands, More Fun, and Less Work

God says children are blessings, and I believe Him! I call the equation above God’s math. Let me explain. As a mother of one child I was constantly sought after to be mommy, playmate, friend, shoulder to cry on, grand snuggler, cleaning lady, and story reader. The arrival of child number two increased the workload. When children number 3, 4, and 5 arrived something wonderful happened. I was no longer the only person available to fill the playmate, friend, shoulder to cry on, grand snuggler, cleaning lady, and story reader roles. There were all these siblings available to choose from.

Many days now I am the one going to my children asking to join in as playmate, friend, shoulder to cry on, grand snuggler, and story reader. They are busily living and playing together.

What about the workload?
  • Yes, it is true, I cook more meals - 147 a week, plus around 70 snacks.
  • I wash more diapers and laundry – currently two loads every day. 1 of clothing, 1 of diapers, with two children in diapers full time (down from 3!). Oh, and we occasionally wash the bedding for 6 beds too.
  • I bake more bread – we eat a loaf from my extra-long bread pans in one meal or snack.
  • I clean up more spills – there are a lot more with 5 children.
  • I wash more dishes – besides running the dishwasher 1-2 times a day I still have dishes that get washed by hand daily too.
However, God’s math holds true in the workload area as well. There are many more hands ready to help with that work. As proof, let me share what happened this morning:
I was enjoying a moment of quiet unloading the dishwasher by myself, when Daniel, my 2 year old, came in. He started stacking the cups all by himself. When they were all stacked he pushed in the rack, shut the door, and we were done. Even a 2 year old can help.

Sure, my house can look like a tornado hit about 10 minutes after the kids get up in the morning. It often does. The entire mess can be picked up in another 10 minutes though – by the little blessings who made the mess in the first place.

My life has been blessed beyond measure by my children. I wish every parent of 1 or 2 children could learn what I have learned, that the world’s math is wrong. Having more children does not make the workload impossible. More children = More Hands, More Fun, and Less Work.

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