February 22, 2010

Homeschooling with a Toddler at home

Focus- Homeschooling with a TODDLER at Home

Here is some great ways to learn circles with a hands on approach. Home Grown Families: Tot school

Let's make some bugs! Pipe cleaners, model magic , and some bead is all you need to make these Insect Creations

If you're homeschooling with littles underfoot, one question you often get asked (and ask yourself)is "what do you do with the littles while you're schooling the olders?" A Classic Housewife Schooling at home gives a few ideas

at Heart of the Matter they give use 3 strategies to use when you have toddlers in the home

The Author of this post lets us in on her homeschooling routine and mishaps of her life as a Homeschooling mom with toddlers running around. What to Expect When your Homeschooling . This is entertaining story that shows us that we are normal and we don't have to always have it put together. It will be okay the Lord will help you.

Jen, mom of 4 and loving every minute of it! Here you can read more about our family. The Adventures of Homeschooling with the Leiberts

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