February 18, 2010

Preach My Gospel - A Homeschooling Resource

It's humbling to think that shortly after completeing their home education, our boys (& girls) will be leaving on missions.  We can prepare our children for such a time, if we make spiritual learning a priority in our studies at home. 

Through home educating we have a wonderful opportunity to study those things that have eternal significance and  instill  habits in our children that will bless their livesPREACH MY GOSPEL is a wonderful resource to help us do just that.  

For a few years now the PREACH MY GOSPEL manual has been included daily in my oldest son's learning schedule. He works through this book at his own pace and it has truly strengthened his testimony. We give it a big thumbs up!

Note: The Preach My Gospel manual is available in book form and as a free download.

You can read more about Dana♥  and her crew at their homeschooling blog Noggins & Nonsense.  

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