February 23, 2010

Simple Lesson on Anonymous Service


We found this cute book at our public library.

You Can Do It, Sam  By Amy Hest and Illustrated By Anita Jeram

This book is about a mother bear and her son, baking cakes for their neighbors.  They plan to make this treat a surprise – an anonymous service.  When they arrive at the first house, to drop off the cake in the bright red bag, Mama Bear encourages Sam to take it up to the door all by himself.  Sam isn’t so sure, but Mama says “You can do it, Sam.”  They deliver the tasty cakes to all their neighbors, then Sam realizes there are two red bags left – one for Mama and one for him.

There are many lessons you could teach from this sweet book.  Here are things that came to mind:

  • Children can do acts of service too. You don’t have to be an adult to be of help to someone.
  • It’s a blessing to give service anonymously.  Mama and Sam didn’t want anything from their neighbors in return, they had received their own blessings made by their own hands.
  • When you work together as a family you enjoy the rewards together as well.  Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?
  • Family members can do service for each other.  Mama Bear was indeed serving Sam by planning a surprise for him as well.

My daughter read this book to me today and I thought the message was so wonderful, we used it for Family Home Evening.

We regularly serve other families and individuals anonymously and otherwise. Sometimes we need reminders that service should start in our own families.  When every goody baked gets questions of  “Who gets that?” or “Where is that going?”, It’s probably past time to focus on our own families. We should be improving our relationships that matter most and are of eternal  nature.

With this thought in mind, we drew names for our secret service week.  Each person has another family member’s name.  This week we will provide acts of service to our person anonymously.

The sneakiness has already begun. ☺

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