February 23, 2010

Time Management

Focus- Time Management
6 Key principles successful people use for time management here at Az LDS Homeschool

I personally use this website for my own planning. Donna Young take time and browse this site. She has a lot of information and printable and its free that's the best part.

Here is a great schedule that could be used for those little ones that would really like to have a little bit more control of their days at Rich MOMents

This site has a lot of helps and solutions for time management. Here at Organized Home.

Here is Our daily schedule maybe this could help those who are using a unit study or homeschooling with many different ages.

Here the McCoy family shares their kid friendly schedule. Would also make a great craft for the older kids! Niffty Little Homeschool Schedule

This is an great post for those who work from home while you are homeschooling. How Do you work AND Homeschool your kids?

This mother of 5 gives us a peek at her daily schedule.

Here we are warned about over scheduling. Take a look at Homeschool Distraction.

"Creating a homeschool schedule for your family is very important. It will help you stay on task, remind you what to do and help your family achive their educational objectives." says Zerre

Behold, mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion.
( D&C 132:8)

Jen, mom of 4 and loving every minute of it! Here you can read more about our family. The Adventures of Homeschooling with the Leiberts

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- Dana ♥ said...

Great focus topic Jen. I think we can all become better with managing our time.

mom said...

Yes we all need help in this area. I wish I was so much better, but it is I guess something I will need to work on to improve for many years.