March 21, 2010

Free Resources for Nauvoo, Easter & General Conference

Free Resources
  Here are some free resources you might be interested in:
  • FREE downloadable Nauvoo board game
  • An updated  General Conference resource page @ Discover the Scriptures with lots of great FHE ideas for this week and next to prepare for conference! There are some videos, printables, kids' report ideas, and more.
    • Life of President Monson packet.
    • Easter crafts and activity pages from Discover the Joy of Easter.
    • Note taking pages from the Friend - these are great!
    • Book of Mormon stories pages for younger children to illustrate.
    • General Conference note taking pages for older children.
    • Copy work from October 2007 General Conference for older children.
    • Sugar Doodle's General Conference packet for 2010.
    •'s General Conference session note booklets.
    •'s General Conference games and activities.
  • FREE downloadable Easter Lapbook.
  • From Scriptures 4 Kids General Authority Matching and Bingo games.
If you know of any other free resources for Nauvoo, Easter or General Conference, please let us know where to find them in the comments.  Thanks ☺

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Laurie said...

Thanks for the links! I'm always looking for a great Conference packet. :)

legendswife said...

Great links:) Thanks