April 19, 2010

Do Something

I used to have it together. My house was clean, my children were tidy, the laundry was done, and we were all happily educating. It wasn't 100% of the time, but at least it was the majority. Then my life fell apart. Suddenly, I was a single parent of four children. At first I shut down. I spent all my time crying and afraid. After those initial few days reality set in. I realized if I didn't find a way to generate income we were going to starve and get evicted. All my time crying shifted over to looking for ways to earn money and still homeschool my children.

During that time the children were on their own. We were getting the basics of school done, but other than that it was every man for himself. I was not available to have eyes on them 24/7. The natural result was bad habits-even in me. You can imagine, with four children running the place, what became of the state of my house. I don't know who the offending party is, but I'm still finding seemingly fossilized tortillas in the wierdest places.

I have a lot of pressure and responsibilities on me. There are days I am completely overwhelmed. Maybe you know what that is like. I don't think you have to be a single parent to feel this way. I am positive you can relate to a recent day in the Worthington household. We weren't done with school, all the children were fighting, every single room in the house was a mess, I had a stack of bills I could not pay, there were no groceries, and I knew there were four hours of my work schedule ahead of me that day too.

I wanted to go hide under a rock, or at least take a long nap. That was a practical solution, wasn't it? With tears in my eyes, the thought finally occured to me, "Well, don't just stand here. Do Something." That was the solution. When we're completely overwhelmed, doing something-anything- is better than nothing. Find some peanut butter and give the children something to eat (at least they'll stop fighting while they chew), pick one small section of the house to clean up. It won't be perfect, but there will be something clean. Instead of worrying about the stack of bills I can not pay. Mail out one I can and feel really great about paying that bill. Even in the midst of chaos there is always something useful we can do.

So tomorrow, if your kitchen/school table is overrun with schoolwork needing to be filed, and someone spilled orange juice all over your lesson plans, don't panic. Look at the myriad of school books available to you, pick one and make that subject your something. You'll know at least one subject got done that day.

Annmarie is a single homeschooling mom of four children. She earns her living writing and doing graphic and web design. You can check out her blog at http://www.annmarieathome.blogspot.com/

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Dana ♥ said...

Annmarie - can I just send you a hug? What a hard thing to go through; but what a living testimony you have of homeschool! Your cape is flapping in the breeze behind you! You are a super woman! Here's that hug - *HUGS*

Evamarie said...

Annmarie my heart goes out to you as you stuggle with this new and unexpected change in your life. I really admire you and as I read your blog I can see that you and your children will overcome whatever life throws at you.

HaHa said...

Thank you for your post! Yesterday, was a hard day for me... then because I was stressing over all the things that seemed to fall apart it was a long night... this morning picked-up where yesterday left off. Thanks for reminding me to just do something and feel good about the somethings that get done :)

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement. ((( )))

wordandcraft said...

Ah, you don't even have to be a homeschooler to appreciate this advice. I guess I had better go do something. :)