April 7, 2010

Summer Time Fun

Focus- Summer Time Fun

Geocaching this looks like lots of fun for all the high tech families out there!

Here are some tips to make sure that our children are still learning throughout the summer. This blog on Avoid Summer learning loss.

Here are a few activities we can do with our kids found on Changing the World One preschooler at a time

 Ten Fun Fitness Summer Activities for teens. These are great ideas to keep our teens out and active.

We all know we need to keep our kids reading during the summer. Here are some ideas how to do this, found at Suite 101

Summer and Kids-Places To find Free Activities.

Here are some ideas on choosing a summer camp for you kids. Summer Camps- Not One Size Fits all

Eliza has some fun ideas for us! Blisstree.com

Jen, mom of 4 and loving every minute of it! Here you can read more about our family. The Adventures of Homeschooling with the Leiberts

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JRoberts said...

Seriously, Geocaching is AWESOME! It is so fun for kids and adults, and you get excersize with a treasure hunt thrown in! :) If you get a chance, really, try it! (lots of places like parks have Gps units you can rent with the caches already programmed in...so you don't have to buy one, it is a great place to start)

Dana ♥ said...

We enjoy geocaching too! IT is so fun! Hide
'n seek in the great outdoors - what's not to love?