April 29, 2010

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - a Threat to Parenting and Families

Pre-homeschooling, I detested politics. Once we decided to homeschool however, I quickly became aware that people are actively working to take away my God-given right to parent and teach my children. Educating myself and giving information to other parents about upcoming legislation is now very important to me. Especially when it pertains to homeschooling or my right to parent my children.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This treaty has been signed by every country except the US and Somalia (at this time I don't know if Somalia has ratified it yet, they were planning to do so). Pressure has been mounting not only from the UN, but from within our own country to pass this treaty. The title doesn't sound too scary does it? I mean, how could a child having rights be bad? Hmmm, let's look a little deeper shall we?

The first thing that I found alarming is that when a treaty is signed by our country, it becomes federal law. Meaning anything that we have that may differ as state law, is now void. If this treaty were to pass, it would not be able to be amended or altered here in our country, it would have to take place at the UN level.

So what's actually in the treaty? I got the following list (and an additional 10 things about the structure of the treaty from this site).
Ten things you need to know about the substance of the CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child):

When I first read this list, it just chilled me. This is an outright attack upon the family! Completely undermining the authority of parents! It wasn't long after I heard about this treaty that I heard about an organization. It's called ParentalRights.org. They are actively trying to bring legislation forward to protect our rights as parents so that if, by chance, this treaty is passed, it will not affect our rights to parent and homeschool our children.

I am amazed at how few people have heard of the CRC or of Parental Rights. Right now you can go to ParentalRights.org, learn more about this organization and its proposed legislation. You can also sign their petition and donate, if you feel so inclined. The site gives lots of ideas of how you can help. For me, the most important thing is to just help educate people before it's too late.

Here is a link to find out who supports the amendment in your state, State Watch. If your state doesn't support it, there are links from that page to your senators and representatives.

Jenny is the nutty mother of 5 kids and is married to a child psychologist (it's great to have psych help on site). Her varied ramblings are found at We don't call people poopyheads. Her interests are basically anything that makes her abnormal, such as homebirthing, homeschooling, herbalism and natural healing, and a survivalist wanna-be, to name a few.

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JRoberts said...

I agree that list is scary. Here is my question, and I ask this sincerly...What about here in Canada? According to your research we have adopted this. Well, most,if not all of those things cited on your list are not adopted here in Canada.

I wonder if certain countries have signed this, but don't enforce it?

Where can I find out more aplicable information to those of us who have supposidly been signed up for this? So far, we have not changed in our rights a bit. (eg: I am able to opt children out of sex ed, children under 18 need parental permission to join another church, underage children need parental permission to even access medical services for unborn children, etc)

So, where do I find out how this has affected us? Because thus far, it has not changed anything.

Chelsea Flitton said...

If you want to see the greatest harm done by the UN's (UNICEF's) push for child's rights, look at the countries who once adopted out thousands of children but can no longer do it. The child's rights pushed by the Hague are more concerned with children maintaining their heritage than in having homes. I couldn't possibly fit all the details here. Our son was adopted from Guatemala, and thousands of children like him that used to be adopted every year now have no hope of being adopted. They don't have the money to create the infrastructure to house these children or meet the requirements to have them adopted.

If you get one thing at all from my comments, get this: Do not donate to UNICEF charities. If you want to help third world children, make your donations through pro family charities only. Watching the lobbying by UNICEF that occurred during our son's adoption process left me with only one opinion of UNICEF - they are evil.

Evenspor said...

Thanks for posting this. I have heard a little about it (not surprisingly from another homeschooling list), and I'm glad to get more information.

Andrea said...

Thanks for posting this--I had no idea. I just posted a link to ParentalRights.org on Facebook.

Eric Potter MD said...

For more information, read my blog at www.parentalrightstn.blogspot.com. Either take action now or lose your children's hearts and minds to the government.

Protecting Children by Empowering Parents,
Eric Potter MD
Tennessee Director for Parental Rights.Org