May 31, 2010

Discover the Latter-Day Prophets – A Review

My five children, as of this writing, are all under age 9 (only for two more weeks, as my daughter will tell you) and I am pregnant with baby number 6. We are working our way through the 1800’s and 1900’s in our history studies and I really wanted to incorporate a study of Church History, specifically the lives of our prophets, into that. My main requirement was that I needed the research already done for me. Honestly, I have come to the point in our homeschooling where I know when I have the creativity and energy to create our unit studies, and when it is worth it to use the creativity of others. I approached Rochelle of Discover the Scriptures several months ago to see if I could review Discover the Latter-Day Prophets with my children. She said yes, and that, as they say, is history.
Discover the Latter-Day Prophets comes on cd-rom($21.95) or as an instant download($19.95). Over 300 pages long, it is divided into 16 units on the prophets from Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson. Each unit contains:
  • A timeline telling what was happening throughout the world during the prophet’s lifetime.
  • 10-12 pages of stories, questions, and puzzles.
  • The Stories focus on the childhood, conversion, and major life events of each prophet.
  • A copy work page with a quote from each prophet, and writing projects.
  • A Family Home Evening activity to help the whole family review what they’ve learned.
How We Use This: I print the unit on a prophet and stick it in a folder. I spend a few minutes each day reading the stories aloud and asking the questions. My oldest daughter writes in the answers and works the puzzles. Discover the Scriptures thought of my younger children as well! They included a 50 page download of simplified pages for younger children where they can draw the stories, or draw and write their favorite parts(3 pages per prophet). It is that simple! When we finish the material for a prophet I put the pages back into a file folder to await the day when we finish the whole thing. We will then bind the pages into a family book about the prophets.
You can see the entire unit for Joseph F. Smith, including the simplified pages for younger children HERE.
My whole family loves Discover the Latter-Day Prophets! It has enriched our history studies while strengthening our testimony of prophets. We learn about these men who God prepared throughout their lives for the sacred calling they would hold, and best of all, the work and research was all done for me. I literally just print and go.
Discover the Scriptures also offers materials for several ages on the Book of Mormon, the Old Testament, the Life of Christ, and more! If you are looking for a fun way to use the scriptures more in your home or homeschool be sure to check them out. I know I am looking at some of the other products to use during Family Home Evening.
You can drop in and visit Tristan and her family at their homeschool blog, Our Busy Homeschool.

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Evenspor said...

This sounds really cool. I am definitely going to check them out. Thanks for the review.

Rochelle Keogh said...

At Discover the Scriptures this weekend (Memorial Day), we are running a special on Scripture Notebooking (the product of the month). Get the instant download for only $5. Use coupon code "memorialday" at checkout. Enjoy!

Dana ♥ said...

Tristan - Thanks for the great and detailed review! What a great product! ☺

Homeschooling the Penguins ... said...

We just completed the Discover the Scriptures Book of Mormon Grades 1-3 series - It was AWESOME! The activities kept the kids interested in what we were learning while still teaching the important details.

Tammy J. said...

Hey Tristan we have 5 children (at home) and they are 10 and under (oldest just turned 10 in Feb.) and I am expecting the next one by August. :) 10, 9, 7, 4,3. :) We have two older children from my husbands previous marriage - but they are both either just married or will be married by the end of this month!!

Thanks for sharing your review with us. I LOVE the Discover the Book of Mormon series and I appreciate your take on the Discover the Prophet Series!! :)

Thanks again!!