May 21, 2010

Free Resources

Free Resources

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

This site sends out a weekly email with the coming week’s lineup of free products.  They have lots of great eBooks, audio books and they sometimes have the old school readers and nature books.  I ♥ that old stuff!

Links to All Things Free for Homeschoolers

If you haven’t visit this blog, you’ve got to get over there!  It is full of all sorts of free things for learning.  There are lapbooks and things for unit studies.  You’ll find audiobooks and worksheets.  You can plan an entire curriculum for free!

Homeschool Share

Homeschool share is a buffet of learning resources.  There are lesson plans, notebooking pages, lapbooking sets, book suggestions and more.  It’s as the name suggests – a place where homeschoolers share their resources and talents.  The navigation of the site is sometimes a little tricky but it’s worth the time.

Free K-12 Education

...because learning doesn’t have to cost a thing.  You’ve just got to appreciate a slogan like that! 

Free Homeschooling 101

WHAT IS FREE HOMESCHOOLING?  Free Homeschooling Households use Field Trips, Online "free finds", Printed Worksheets and life experiences guided by parents and children to create a love for life-long learning.  Browse through the subject links on their sidebar to find an internet buffet of ideas.

Homeschool Helper

I came across this site while researching for our Lewis and Clark unit study.  It has loads of free lapbook resources – just print and you’re good to go! I will be visiting this one again for sure! You’ll find tons of ideas here.

Free Student Handouts

Free Teaching Materials!  Attendance Sheets - Excel Spreadsheets – Forms - Graphic Organizers - Lesson Plans - Historical Maps - Photos Pictures - PowerPoints - Printables - Reproducible – Worksheets.

Free Customizable Lapbook Templates

Ok, so there are loads of free lapbooks out there, so what is so different about these?  These lapbook sets are made by yours truly ☺, with instructions on how you can customize them on your own computer.  That’s right – you can add text and images right on your lapbooks with your computer, then print them out and you are ready to go! I plan to add more sets soon as well as journaling and text resources.

If you know of some wonderful free resources that are not listed, please share them in the comments section.  Thanks ☺

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teresa said...

Wow! These links look great! Thanx!

Lillakay said...

You are so awesome to research and share these with us! Thanks for the great resources of freebies!

The Jongejans said...

okay - I'm brand new - so don't laugh at this question - but - what is a lap book? There, I asked it (Cringe)

Dana ♥ said...

To learn more about lapbooks, you can click on our sidebar where it says lapbooking. Tristan wrote a great post about what it is and gave some resources. She included a neat picture of one she did as well. You can also do a search and find TONS of links! You were brave ☺

Dana D said...

I just found your blog yesterday, and it looks like I'm gonna have a sore rear from sitting here checking it out! Here's a site I really like: