May 5, 2010

Web Wednesday

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 Homegrown Mom (aka Angela) has some valuable insights into creating the perfect organizational system for your home. I really liked the simplicity of it and hope that others will enjoy it too!! I look forward to implementing her ideas in to what I already do!! I always like strategies and planning and calendaring!!  Here is my recent post on Homeschooling Juddz where I share what works for me and my family in our Home Planning Book. Same concept, different spin. :)

Angela at Secrets of a Super Mommy shares a really neat project that she did for Earth Day. However, making an herb garden – portable even – is always in good season!! What child wouldn’t want to participate with this one AND be able to make delicious food with it, too!! :) I am on it!

Need some cleaning tips for your busy household? Take a visit to Amy over at Raising Arrows. She offered a great tip on how to get more organized. We all need more of that right? :)

Need some help choosing a curriculum? Looking for a resource or guide from someone who has ‘been there’, ‘done that’? One place that you might enjoy browsing through is over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers where Kris has offered up HER choices and things that she would have changed if she could go back. This particular post is for 1st and 2nd grader – but, she already has kindergarten posted and I am sure that more will be coming soon!
If you are interested in getting some materials for helping you with anatomy or science with the human Body then head on over to Homeschoolx3 and Tonya has some great tips and some interesting pdf’s and articles and websites to help you. She has already posted things for The Lungs, The Heart, The Human Body. Can’t wait to try them all!!

Looking for some lapbooking resources for you toddlers? Then flex your fingers and fly over to Noah’s Ark. They have wonderful ideas and tips that will help any novice (like me) get started. If you are a pro at it – they have you covered as well!!

Over at Squidoo there is an entire article devoted to sharing their tips and knowledge of where to find the curriculum that will be the most benefit to your family. Face it, we are all different and our family’s all have different needs. This particular article is quite lengthy with LOTS and LOTS of resources to click on and check out. Enjoy!

I must be in an organizational mood over here!! :) I found this great resource at Bukisa. It is shared by Lyn and I think it is a true find!! What a great way to get organized – even it if is for next year!!

Have you been searching for a yummy bran muffin recipe? Hop on over to Sentiments by Sophia or her Cooking Blog Sentiments from My Kitchen and prepare to be amazed!! Sophia is my HERO!!

My children LOVE to go on Jan’s website and draw different things. She has a simple way of explaining things that they really like. Love it!! We use it often!! (even for their Activity Day goals!!)

I came across the Get Scatty blog quite by accident and have since loved Natty’s wit, ideas and her craftiness!! Browse through her blog she has some wonderful tips and tricks! Enjoy!

I thought this was a clever list. Some I had no idea. I thought it might be interesting to us and our children to see just how far they really can go. :) It is labeled Unit Studies but, I don’t know who the author is. Enjoy!

Another option for finding affordable curriculum. I browsed through and it looked really promising. :) This is an actual web store website – so no author!!

Slow cooking is always something useful to know and have in your repertoire for those busy, busy, packed days. I love that Stephanie at A Year of Slow Cooking has created this website and made it so fun and easy!! Her recipes are ones that she uses. Love it!!

Over at Delicious Ambiguity, Jenn shares some delightful craft ideas - sure to get the creative energy flowing in our children!! Thanks Jenn!

Jen shared a really great project for making May Day Baskets on the blog Secrets of a Super Mommy. They also have some trivia regarding May Day that was really interesting. :)

You can always find Tammy at La Juddz blogging away!

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Mrs. M said...

I love the year in slowcooking site! Ive tried a few of her recipes before and they are yummy.. great for those busy days when you want a good homecooked meal but you don't have the time to stand there and make it.

Dana ♥ said...

Fun links Tammy! Thanks for sharing!