May 19, 2010

Web Wednesday

Work on a computer Science and educational fun:

My 3rd grader really likes to watch the free movies at Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. They also have games and activities go go along with the movies, and includes a wide variety of subjects. Only some of the movies are free though, so you have to check back frequently to see the free movie of the week. Another favorite of ours for more science fun is a blog called Think! There are weekly challenges to create something from certain items, which my 3rd grader just loves!

Preschool ABC's:

I have a preschooler and a toddler so I like to find a lot of fun and free curriculum that is useful. For ABC activities I go to these two blogs the most for resources: The first is Confessions of a Homeschooler, she has printables for almost every letter and with a theme! The second is No time for flashcards, she has simple step by step instructions for the letter of the week activities that she does with her preschooler.

Gardening fun:

Since a lot of homeschooling families are out in the garden right now, I thought some garden ideas would be fun. TLC had a cute garden idea to make a family flag garden bed, along with some other fun gardening ideas to get help get the kids involved and excited about gardening. Family fun also has a page 10 ways to make gardening fun, some more ideas for getting kids involved in gardening. Plus some garden and nature crafts to do.

Memorial day crafts:

Enchanted learning has some free crafts for Memorial day. There are some great worksheets too, but those require membership (which is very worth it if you do decide to consider becoming a member, lots and lots of printables).

Bird crafts:

My 3rd grade girl has been really interested in birds since she read the American Girl book Lanie. She is excited to learn more and really be able to identify them. Here are some bird crafts from Danielle's place - perfect for these late spring/early summer days.  Most are free, and if you want there are some other great ideas for other crafts and lessons.

Workbox or extra activity idea:

If you are a family that uses workboxes or you just want an extra activity, here is a great workbox activity from a blog called “what's in the box” using oreo cookies to learn about moon phases. If you are unfamiliar with workboxes, they are basically boxes filled with schoolwork and activities that the child works through during the school day. Homeschool Creations has a great post and free printables if you'd like to see what they are all about. Putting in fun little activities during your school day, like this oreo one, breaks up the school work so your home schooler gets excited about what's in the next box (or what's next if you don't workbox).

About our Guest Writer:  Desiree is Mom to 3 kids April (8), Aaron (3), and Aric (1).  She has been homeschooling for 3 years, and loves mostly just exploring the world and nature with her children.

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homeschool preschool said...

wow, there's just so much to consider ... i never realised...

It's all homeschool preschool craziness for me today!

Dana ♥ said...

I really love the idea of the oreo moon phase activity. The clean up would be a pleasure as well ☺ Fun links, Thanks!