September 23, 2010

Life Cycle of a Frog

When I was little I grew up with 3 brothers (my little sister didn't come till I was 12) and now I have 3 I seem to do lots of "boy themed" activities.  This one is no exception!  :)

One day a friend called...she had a whole pile of these...little tadpoles that she found in a puddle in a farmers field.  We took about 20 and decided that the practical experience of seeing firsthand how a frog grows would be great for science. 

We found a great site that answered a few of our immediate questions like what frogs eat, what kind of house they should have and how to keep them alive.

Pretty soon we started seeing some changes...
Our frogs grew some back legs,
Then we found a few of these 3 legged critters.  No research prepared us for this discovery!  Underneath it had a wiggly spot that we assume legs came out of because the next day they all had 4 legs!
Pretty soon all of our frogs had 4 legs, they started looking like frogs (with raised eyes, long legs, and started sitting on rocks and hopping off our hands).  We took all of them to a wetland near us and let all but 4 go.  We will watch them for a bit more, hoping that we can see them shed their tail and grow a bit bigger.

As we have been studying these really fun critters we have done a few activities and started a lapbook.  If you are interested in doing your own lapbook or research on frogs for science, I have included the link here.  If you want to grow your own is a site you can buy eggs from. (here is a more pricey unit and here is one that is less expensive) 

Learning hands on is one way our family makes school so much more fun and interesting for our boys.  What are some of the ways you make learning more interesting and fun for your kids?


Jaime - I am the mother to 3 boys, have a hubby of 13 years. Together we love to play, camp, cook, craft, homeschool, and just hang out. We love to get dirty and have lots of weird hobbies like growing frogs!  You can find us in all our craziness over at our family blog, Welcome to the Madness.

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Dana ♥ said...

Great pictures! Such a better way to learn than a piece of paper with drawings on it. Love it!

brittabelle said...

LOVE the pictures.

Cadie said...

My husband and I did this just a few weeks ago! It was really fun going and finding tadpoles and then watching them turn into frogs. Good experiment!

JRoberts said...

Thanks ladies. We sure had fun growing them, and you are right much better than line drawings! :)

Brandi said...

It is so amazing to watch them grow and develop! I think your way of getting frogs was actually better than through a catalog. I wanted to order some from a catalog then I was reading that most of the frogs they use are leopard frogs and bullfrogs and actually pose a threat to the indigenous species, because they will eat the eggs of the other frogs. So, I would encourage parents to look at websites, books and other resources before ordering frogs out of a catalog.