November 24, 2010

Web Wednesday: Free online Curriculum, Frog Dissection Lego Style, Continent Bags, ADHD?, Free Photo Canvas and more

Photoxpress_4988004Head of the Class

Have you ever wondered if an online curriculum is for you?  Why not try this free online program developed for children ages preschool through 8th grade.

Wonder How To

Frog Dissection Lego Style.  This is pretty impressive!

Continent Bags

Counting Coconuts has a great way to interest kids in learning about the world.

Did you order a Sub?

Are you part of the Sandwich Generation? Are you caring for your own children at home and also caring for parents? You are not alone.  Visit Heart of the Matter Online.

Free Photo Canvas

Don’t miss the details on how to get your free photo canvas from Skip to My Lou.

Are you sure he’s ADHD?

Do you have a child labeled ADHD?  Are you sure that’s what he has? You won’t want to miss this post about “Active Alert Children” at Heart of the Matter Online.

A Game to Bring Young and Old Together

Introduce your family to this classic game.  Your holiday season will soon be full of these marble matches.  Learn the basics of marbles at Homeschool Success.

Setting the Table Helps for Little Ones

Also from Homeschool Success is this great idea for teaching your children how to properly set a table.

Happy Wednesday!  May your day be filled with the delicious smells of Thanksgiving preparations!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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