December 17, 2010

Christmas in the Book of Mormon FHE

At this wonderful time of year it has become tradition for our family to review the Christmas story as told in the Book of Mormon. We set aside a family home evening during the month of December to read the prophecies of Nephi, Alma the Younger, Samuel the Lamanite, and Nephi (grandson of Helaman). We also read the events that occurred and try to imagine how it would have been to witness those events in the Americas - the new star shining, the day, a night, and a day without darkness. Would we have listened to Samuel's words and become converted, anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Lord?

Here are several ideas you can use for your own family home evening lesson focusing on Christmas in the Book of Mormon.

♥ Several years ago I participated in an online family home evening swap hosted by Melanie of the famous As part of that swap we received a wonderful lesson on Christmas in the Book of Mormon put together by Melissa D. It includes all the visuals you need. Just print, make a dessert and you're ready to go!

UPDATED 12/18 - Some were having trouble opening the fhe page so I have embedded it here for your convenience.

♥ Back in 1985 the friend published a fun little program you can do with your family called The Christmas Story in the Book of Mormon.

♥ Read the scriptures listed in this New Era article, A Book of Mormon Christmas.

♥ Teach the lesson from the Primary 4 manual The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ (Christmas)

As we enter the final week leading up to the celebration of the birth of the Savior take some time to share with your children the wonderful story from both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. They both truly witness of the divinity of His calling.

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Evenspor said...

Perfect timing. I was planning to do "Learn about Christmas in the Bok of Mormon" as our daily activity for this coming Sunday. Thanks for all of the resources.

Heatherlady said...

There is also a really sweet picture book called "a night without darkness" (I don't know who it is by) but my kids really liked it and it tells the BOM Christmas story.

Kimberly said...

Great ideas, thanks!

JRoberts said...

This is wonderful Monteserrat. Thanks for the ideas.