December 16, 2010

How To...

...tie a tie!

In my house we get all gussied up and look our very best for our Christmas dinner.  Each year this takes on a different look, but something that always remains the same is the fact my boys have to wear a tie. (this year it is a bow tie each, so I had to learn how to tie one!)

I know that most of us have either tied the tie, and left it tied for that ties whole life, or gotten a man to tie it each time it is put on.  But, a while ago my dh told me I needed to learn how to do it myself.  He also has told our boys by the time they are 11 they should know how to tie one on their own.  I found out that most young men don't know how to tie a double Windsor knot, so I am going on the assumption that maybe some of you don't know either.  Hope it is useful for you.  :)

Double/Full Windsor

Step 1:  Hang your tie around your child's neck.  Have the skinny side shorter than the thicker side.  Make an X with the skinny side going under the thicker side. 
Step 2:  Bring the thicker side around the back and up through the back of the X.  Pull off the the RH side.

Step 3:  Bring the thicker side around the back and up through the front of the X. Pull to the LH side.
Step 4:  You now have two sides of your X filled up making a nice tight triangle.  (don't worry, with more practice and thinner fabrics, your knot will look nice and tight...your first ones may be bigger and more loose)
Step 5:  Bringing your thicker end around the front, make a "loop".  Place the thicker end through the top of the X and through your loop.

Step 6:  I like to pull down on the tie at the bottom to make the knot more triangular and tighter.  Pull the thick end again and tighten up to the neck of your child's shirt.  Fold the collar down and your child is snazzy!  (this is my youngest son's version of a model smile!)

If you would like to make a tie, the Internet is full of patterns.  Here is one I found and have used.  It is easy and makes a nice tie.  There are many out there if you search for free tie patterns.

Jaime is a mom of 3 boys.  She loves to make them look like little men (no little girls to dress up! :D) and has since they were babies so they are getting used to it now.  She loves crafting, photography, reading, cooking, taking care of her family, homeschooling, learning new things, and many others.  You can find a mish mash of all of that on her family blog at Welcome to the Madness.  You can also find a tutorial on how to tie a bow tie...something she recently had to learn this year!

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Kimberly said...

My husband knew how to tie a tie at a very young age since in NZ all little boys have to wear one to school every day. That's the same reason he knows how to polish shoes, his had to look perfect each and every day. said...

Thank you for this. I may keep the post for sometime in the future when it will surely come in handy. Bigger menfolk are not always around when little guys need help from moms and Grandmas, but who don't tie ties often enough to remember how.

Dana ♥ said...

Confession here! I have my husband tie my boys tie and then they never undo it. They just slip it on and off each week. SO... I really need this tutorial. (grin)


Rebecca said...

This is a neat post. The first time my son wanted to wear a tie he was in Kindergarten and he really wanted to wear one to church. He had always had clip-ons before, but he felt that he was too big to wear a clip-on :0). Unfortunately, my husband was overseas and I had no idea how to do it! We found a tutorial online with pictures and it helped some. Ours didn't look that great and it took us quite a few attempts, but we did it. It's funny the things you miss when a loved one is away.