December 28, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

We happened upon a great wintertime book.  It is called  The Story of Snow 
it has those amazing photographs of snowflakes on a microscope slide.  They are just beautiful. 
The book explains how snow crystals are formed and why they look like they do.
Did you know that snow crystals always have 6 arms or sides?  This is because water molecules attach themselves in groups of 6.  How interesting!

What the book doesn't include but should is instructions for cutting your own six sided snowflake, which is what we did after we read this book.  
I suggest using a slightly lighter weight paper than your typical printer paper.  It is really hard to cut through all of those layers and I ended up needing to cut every one's flakes which led to many tears.  Old fashioned typewriter paper, newsprint, origami or tissue paper would work very nicely.  We also used different sized paper hole punches for some of the details.

Samurai Mom lives in Portland, Oregon and doesn't get much of the real snow but rest assured, she saw plenty of it growing up in northwestern Montana.  She is currently living in a paper and crocheted winter wonderland with her three kids and husband.  Check it out at

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Nemmer said...

We use coffee filters to make snowflakes from -- very lightweight and already circles! :) That is very cool about the 6-sided characteristic, though.

Shauna said...

This books looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this post.