December 1, 2010

Web Wednesday

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College Week Live
Lori at Loris lolz shares a Virtual College Tour that you can register for and talk to counselors and others regarding admissions and qualifications, etc. If you have high school students this is a must for you!!

She is Jessica and she writes about resources for families everywhere, and activities for kids in the Washington, D.C. area on her blog A Parent in Silver Spring.

First Spark
Tech Savvy Mama Leticia is a former teacher with a background in classroom technology integration and school administration. She is’s family internet safety and security expert and social media consultant. In this post she shares her opinion on a “Kid Friendly” PC line. So if you are in the market . . . :)

Quick Tricks
Teach Mama shares some parenting tips and tricks for all those favorite ‘parenting’ moments that we all share (but don’t always admit to!!) :)


Homeschool STUFF ...

Make it a great one!
Tammy: Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of 6 (ages: G10, G9, B7, G4, B3, new born Boy). Stepmom of 2: ages B 24, G 21. Learning Coach to 3, Preschool Teacher to 2. Mother in law to two, Expectant Grandmother to one!! Happy & Satisfied!! Visit Tammy at HomeschoolJuddz!

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Tech Savvy Mama said...

Hi Tammy! It is nice to meet you and thanks so much for linking to my Tech Savvy Mama site. Please feel free to email me if you or your readers ever have any questions regarding technology and kids.