December 29, 2010

Web Wednesday

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Tips for making good Resolutions
At they share some ideas that can help you make and keep your goals – even if they aren’t resolutions. Winking smile

The 3 R’s of Choice
I loved the fact that the new is up and running and I really enjoy the new layout. Smile This talk is from October 2010 Conference by President Thomas S. Monson. I thought it was fitting for the new year, as well.

Making New Years Resolutions
Here is an article that suggests 5 Resolutions that we each should be making – mind you, these aren’t Spiritual or Homeschool oriented, but good ones, nonetheless.

Keeping Resolutions
LifeScript has some ideas to help us be able to keep the resolutions that we have made.

Goal Setting Week for Kids
I found this article at Goal Guy and I thought it applied just as well to our children in the New Year Resolution mode. How important is it for our children to learn to set and accomplish their goals?? I enjoyed browsing through their information and gleaning what I could. Although the Goal Setting Week for Kids is ‘officially’ in November, the information is pertinent any time.

Top Ten New Years Resolutions
At they share a timely article about the top ten resolutions people pick. I thought the information there was interesting as well.

Online Goal Tracker
Maybe you work better having somewhere to track your goals? This is the site for you!! Great resource. The online tracking part costs $$ but they do send out emails to give you tips and tricks. This could be a good way to help your teen’s manage their goal lists, too!! (think Eagle & YW Awards).

Another Online Goal Tracker (Promise Keeper)
This is another site devoted to helping you keep commitments, goals, etc. This one is FREE. :)

HomeSchool Goals
Homeschool Curriculum Advisor shares their thoughts on what you need to do to be a successful homeshooling family. Of course: Goal Setting is key.

Homeschooling Goals and ideas
At Design-your-own-homeschool they share their ideas on how to be effective at setting homeschooling goals for your entire family.

Goal Planners
Donna Young shares several forms for goal setting.

Homeschool Views
At Homeschool Views they help answer questions about curriculum and setting goals. Fascinating stuff!!

Homeschooling Goals for Success shares some ideas about what makes great goals for a successful homeschooling venture. It doesn’t hurt to take time during the year to analyze what is working for you and what isn’t and then set goals accordingly.

Homeschool Goals
Jenn at My Home School 101 – Learning as We Go shares what has worked for her, as far as goal setting is concerned. She uses great examples and is clear and concise in her wording.

More Homeschool Goal Ideas
Sonlight shares some of their ideas about setting goals and finding a good balance with your curriculum.

Where Do We Go From Here
HSDLA has some specific information regarding setting realistic expectations and goals for your homeschool.

Homeschool Lesson Plans
Need help figuring out what is next? shares some Annual Homeschool Planning tips.

Make it a great one!
Tammy: Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of 6 (ages: G10, G9, B7, G4, B3, new born Boy). Stepmom of 2: ages B 24, G 21. Learning Coach to 3, Preschool Teacher to 2. Mother in law to two, Expectant Grandmother to one!! Happy & Satisfied!! You can Find Tammy at HomeschoolJuddz.

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