December 10, 2010

What is your favorite family Christmas tradition?

mbennett-countrychristmas-christmasticketCourtney - On Christmas Eve we let the kids open the latest Pixar movie and we watch it.  That is one the whole family enjoys.

Tammy - One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the baking together as a family in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. We all help pick out the recipes and extended family is more than welcome to join in (or be the leaders) and we have a blast!! I love it!!! We read the birth of Christ on Christmas morning prior to opening presents and it helps put our family in the proper spirit!! We also limit our gift giving to a need, a want and something special or meaningful. I love the kids lists - they listed three things that they wanted but, did different things for each family. The rule I gave them was they couldn't repeat something on any of the people. So they had to be very specific.  That was fun. This  year, for school, we are researching All Things Christmas - learning the symbolism behind some of the traditions. I am enjoying this simplified version of school as much or more than the Children. We also are focusing more on service, too. 

Jaime - My very favorite Christmas tradition is the breakfast.  My Dad is Scottish. We have very few "traditional" dishes or things we do for this part of my heritage, but we did have one thing. Every year my Mom would make a Scottish Dumpling. It is not the fastest dish, but she made it each year for breakfast. We knew it was only once a year and we really looked forward to it.

When I got married and moved out my husband and I wanted to start our own family traditions. This is one that we still carry on for our children every year. It is a very special treat and we look forward to it each morning. (almost more than the gifts...)

Dana – There are so many special family times during the Christmas Season that it’s hard to narrow it down to  one.  I guess I love our Christmas Eve service where My husband reads the Christmas Story from Luke and then from the Book of Mormon and cries every  single time.  We all look at each other anticipating the tears which we know will come.
It is a sweet time. 

What is your favorite Family Christmas Tradition?

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Rosengrenclan said...

Either the first day of Dec. or the first Monday for Family Night, we each take turns unwrapping the characters from the Nativity and tell the significance of each person, animal, or piece.

Alyssa said...

Every year we make cards a few days before Christmas, then deliver them to residents at a nursing home on Christmas morning. It helps our kids realize that Christmas is more about giving of one's self than about getting presents.

exmish said...

A few of my favorites: reading a Christmas countdown book with the kids from Dec. 1-24 while hanging little ornaments on the advent tree I had when I was in high school. (The book we've been using this year is _A Christmas Treasury for Latter-Day Saint Families_; previously we used one that my MIL made at a RS craft day but they are similar in style/content.) We do a Bethlehem dinner on Christmas Eve - candles, blankets on the floor, simple foods like hummus and olives, etc. - and then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

This year, being our first homeschooling everyone, we have added listening to a lot of other Christmas books together (on CD in the car or at home) - we are LOVING _The Autobiography of Santa Claus_ and how it incorporates history in a very fun way, we listened to Patrick Stewart read _A Christmas Carol_, and read the original E.T.A. Hoffman's _The Nutcracker_. We will be listening to _The Best Christmas Pageant Ever_ in the car next! :)

Anonymous said...

We think of a non-member family and we doorbell ditch a piece of the nativity with the accompanying scripture each night ending with the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. The kids love it!