April 29, 2011

Written by You: What curriculum resource have you loved this year?

writtenbyyouThe school year is winding down and many of you are well into plans for next year.  Looking back on this school year, is there a curriculum or resource that has blessed your family?  What have you loved and why? Please share in the comments below.

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Tristan said...

Math U See
All About Spelling
Maestro Classic CDs to learn about music and a composer in a fun, relaxed way.
books, books, books to read aloud. One favorite from this year was By the Great Horn Spoon, set in the California Gold Rush and very funny.

Mama Rachel said...

Because we have a really laid back homeschool, my big kids have recently decided to get "caught up" in math. (On their own, by the way. Very exciting for mom...)

Anyway, they are really loving the D.I.V.E. CDs for Saxon Math. The instructor is great, and my kids can work independent of me, on their own time, and as many lessons as they want to do. It's been a great resource for us!

I bought my copy at www.ldfr.com -- we really have had WONDERFUL experiences over many years with them. :-)

The Osborne's said...

Ditto on Math U See. I also love amblesideonline and of course starfall.com for the little ones

Dana ♥ said...

All about Spelling & Easy Grammar have been wonderful! We all enjoy our time with these resources.

Also the scripture readers from the church distribution center are worth their weight in gold. My reluctant reader devours these and is happy to! ☺

Of course I have to mention my library - We've enjoyed too many books to count.

Frankie said...

Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten math books! I really have liked Singapore math over the years, but it is my youngest who is the only one to have done the K books. Just the right blend of fun and rigorous.

Apologia Science - I have actually stuck to this all year long! I have never done that with a science program before. (although I don't run the program the way they have it written - I never seem to do that with any program! :D )

The Story of US series. This is the first year I have used them as well. Our basic history is Story of the World, but I find them to be lacking in US History, so I thought I'd give these a try, and have really enjoyed them. And the kids pay attention!

Happy Day Homeschooling said...

We also use and will continue to use Math-U-See. We have tried a few other things this year...we use without fail the Happy Phonics program. My 9 year old has loved Writing-tales. We still are trying to find the right spelling programs...I need one that will challenge my 9 year old who seems to be able to spell almost anything...and one for my 7 year old who can spell the words during the lesson but will forget it the next week. Any ideas? I see I will have to check into All about Spelling....thanks! Heidi

Mariel said...

We're making the move to Sonlight for next year. But, will continue to use Math-U-See. Love the LDS Scripture Readers! The Living Scriptures DVDs are so expensive, but SO worth it! My kids love when we come upon a chapter that has a corresponding movie. The kids also enjoy the Mathletics program, making Math into a competition...they love that.

Cellista said...

Math Mammoth for more handholding than Singapore gives to my 7yo (who now proclaims that he loves math!)
Life of Fred fractions for my 10yo
Writing with Ease, all levels
Homeschool in the Woods' Time Traveler units (this year, Industrial Revolution to the Great Depression) to add more US history to Story of the World, which we really love as well.
Scripture Study for LDS Families: Doctrine and Covenants--We've loved every volume. It makes scripture study time so easy.
My boys love the Beautiful Feet Geography through Literature program using the Holling books and full-size maps to label and color.

Tori said...

I loved it our first officialy year homeschooling and continued loving it this year: Apologia Science. This year it was Botony, last year Astronomy. My "1st grader" has LOVED them and reads them over and over again. She's stop and say, "Mom, hear this..." reading something new each time she re-reads the text! Awesome! :)

Jean said...

I've loved Classical Writing this year. I love it every year, but this year my younger daughter started it.

Suzuki Mom said...

MEP Math
Peterson Directed Handwriting

Amanda said...

All About Spelling - excellent program!!
Miquon Math for my daughter in K
Stanford's EPGY math and language arts program for my 2nd grader
Discover the Scriptures (we've been working on OT this year)

Lisa said...

www.mainlesson.com is The Baldwin Children's Literature Project. It's got tons and tons of stories and even entire books, and everything is FREE. (Though you can order the books bound inexpensively if you wish.) It's especially useful for those using Waldorf or Ambleside because it lists selections to go along with each grade for each of those methods. But I think it would be helpful for anyone wanting a free source for literature.

Plain and Precious said...

Loved Math Mammoth! I bought the 3rd grade cd. I have two on the same level and it was so nice to be able to print out just what I needed each week so it wasn't a financial burden all at once. My kids loved it and I loved how thorough it was in a fun and colorful way. Not too much, not too little.

We used the Childs Story of America with the books from Beautiful Feet and my children loved history this year! We also grabbed extra books from the library about different people and places that the children were interested in based on what we read in CSoA.

We will be trying Christian Liberty's Nature readers for our science next year. I'm excited about them and wonder if anyone else has liked them, or not.

Missy said...

Apologia Zoology has been joyous! The kids love the book, I love the ease, and she truly inspires a love for God's creations.

On top of that, all things Life of Fred. My 10 year old ex-math hater, loved every minute of math this year and zipped all the way through to Pre-algebra for next year!?!? I am in awe.

I am thoroughly impressed with Beautiful Feet Books and her literature approach to several subjects. We did the elementary Early American History and the kids couldn't get enough! For my older kids we included an index card timeline that we strung up in our dining room on yarn with clothes pins. With a extra report here and there it worked out great for all lower and upper elementary.

Now if I could just find something for spelling that sticks!

Terri said...

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I'm currently using it for the fourth time with my 6 year old and it has been a success every time.

Inspiration Station said...

What we've loved this year:
All About Spelling (finally the one spelling program that we've stuck with and loved)
Listening to Story of the World on CD
Sonlight readers and read alouds
R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey from Pandia press
Sonlight's Discover and Do science videos
Confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com preschool printables

Mindy said...

We've enjoyed RightStart Math this year. It's similar to MathUSee, but uses an abacus in lieu of color coded 10s and 1s. I've been very pleased with it.

I'm also having great success with my 4- and 6-year olds using "Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading."

Can't wait to check out some of these other recommendations y'all have made!

Cassie said...

We used MEP Math this year and loved it. It is FREE, so check it out.
We used the the Four Year Plan for History, science and scripture study. Loved it as well.
We are reading the Little House Books, just making our way through the series and reading a loud. My son loves reading the Childhood of Famous Americans series books.

Denice said...

loved different levels of Write Shop. The kids writing has improved leaps and bounds. continued with Singapore Math for my younger who loves it. Olders used Saxon for the first time this year and we were pleasantly surprised. nothing to sing about, but a good solid math program. Literature Pockets by Evan Moor were a blast. My kids turned everything into a puppet on a stick and funny funny stories were created. Totally Irresponsible Science Projects were a hit every monday in our home. Oh - and one of the best things I did was make Monday our Funday, instead of saving it for Friday when I was too tired out to do anything fun.

Dana said...

What we've loved this year has been our unit studies. Each child picked what they wanted to study in depth.

Singapore math for younger DD. LOVED teaching TEXtbooks for older DS. Fred didn't work for us after fractions and decimals.
Happy Phonics and Bob Books
Love Lively Latin
Phonics we Use
Spelling Workout
DD loved "A Life like Mine" for Social Studies

We also do Sonight books for reading. Still loving those. We do one Christian Hero and this year it was C.T. Studd. Love this series of books. Next year we may do Corrie Ten Boom.

We also did Gospel Dicussions for kids ( a colorong type book). DD got a better foundation of what we believe and why.

Becca said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone! It's so good to hear recommendations and resources.

The thing that has made a huge difference for me this year is the free planner at home-school-inc.com. I needed something to help me keep our days and curriculum organized, and to help my kids and me be accountable. But I needed it to be free. This has been a huge help.

A Child's History of the World.
Real Science 4 Kids Pre-Level 1
Where would I be without Five in a Row?!

We are also loving the "Pretend Soup" and "Salad People" cookbooks by Mollie Katzen as we learn some "life skills". (Illustrated, easy for my kids to follow, and truly healthy, yummy food.)