May 6, 2011

Written by You: What is a trait you admire in your own mother, that you wish to emulate?



This is a picture of my family back in 1972. I was the first born child.

I was blessed by a wonderful loving Mother.  She loves the Lord and is so strong in the gospel.  She is dedicated, dependable, creative and fun.  She is loving and serving, and  always a peacemaker.  I love her so much!

What trait(s) do you admire in your own mother , that you wish to emulate?

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Frankie said...

Hey! We are about the same age, although I was the last one born to my mother.

My mother is so incredibly capable in so many things! She has a beautiful garden and home (decorated by her with mostly yard sale finds that she refinished), she can sew beautifully and has made my daughter and I beautiful clothes (Including my wedding dress), she is always willing to help anybody with anything that they need, including construction (my house and my siblings homes), she is an amazing cook, and throws great parties, and after going back to school when I was young, she became a great nurse, so good that she is still asked to come back to work after being retired for over 2 years. My Mom is amazing! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!