August 28, 2011

Found on the Web: Collage Portraits, Celebrate Family Month, Refrigerator Pickles, No Bake Energy Bites, Printables & More

Journey into Unschooling

(photo from Journey Into Unschooling)

Free Days at America’s National Parks this Fall – TKKL

Inspiration and Freebies (Card Sketches) – Craft Gossip

Sneaky Energy Wasters and How to Fix Them – TKKL

Plan B – The Relevant Questions

Shakespeare Live (on the 29th) – La Scuola  d’Argento

Writing Notebook Printables – The Crafty Classroom

Two Heads are Better than One – MMB

Celebrate Family in September – Chocolate on My Cranium

7 Ways to store vegetables – Tip Junkie

Refrigerator Pickles – Life the Good and the Bad

Collage Portraits – Journey Into Unschooling

I Saw the Sign – We Talk of Christ

No Bake Energy Bites - Smashed Peas and Carrots

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