August 14, 2011

Found on the Web: Planning Pages Galore, Crockpot Corn on the Cob, Sponge Blocks, Triorama Tutorial, Make your own Ricotta Cheese & More


The Sacred Bee – The Relevant Questions

A Serious Matter: Saving Our Boys – Nikki and Danny

Corn on the Cob (Crock pot style) –Fix It & Forget It

Planning Pages Galore!! –Design Finch

Compost Cocktail – Urban Farm

4 Ways to be a Fitter Family – The HS Classroom

Family Proclamation Lessons – Sugardoodle

Finding Time for Extras – Heart of the Matter

Sponge Blocks – The Happy Housewife

Scripture Stickers for boys – 10 Cow Chick

Triorama: A Tutorial – Our World Wide Classroom

Homemade Salad Dressings & Sauces – The Healthy Home Economist

Back to School: Dry Erase Clipboard – Design Dazzle

Make your own Ricotta Cheese in 5 minutes – New Old School

Giant Solar System Cookie – Almost Unschoolers

Thoughts on Evolution – Noggins & Nonsense

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JRoberts said...

Oh excellent, I am so glad you included your evolution link. I showed it to my dh (on your blog) and he loved it as well. I love how it is all put together. I am going to show it to my boys for science this year.

Nikki said...

Dana- Thank you so much for linking to "Saving Our Boys." It's a post/subject/topic I feel very passionately about and I'm glad your site has brought a bunch of traffic to it! I plan on updating my successes after my vacation. But I just had to drop a quick line to let you know I appreciate it.