August 7, 2011

Our Writing Team

Like all of you, the writers at Latter-day Homeschooling juggle family life, educating their children, fulfilling their church callings and various other obligations.  Because “many hands make light work”, we have significantly enlarged our writing crew.
I would like to thank everyone who emailed about writing for us.  I wish there were more days in the month so I could include you all.  The response was overwhelming.    As time goes on and circumstances change, we occasionally need to replace a writer.  I hope you’ll consider emailing again, if the need arises.
You’ll recognize some of the original crew and be introduced to our new writing team.  I hope you’ll find someone you can relate to; someone who shares some of your passions.

Our Writing Team:

IMG_2148 Dana♥  is the happy wife of the husband of her choosing (even after 20+ years), and mother of 3 children whom she adores.  Her oldest child is a college student and working on his mission papers and her younger two have decided books are “to die for” (finally!!).  Dana and her crew have recently moved to the country and are loving it.   Her most recent achievements are raising 23 chickens, and convincing her family that homemade bread is better than store-bought even for sandwiches.  She is on a quest for simplicity and hopes she arrives there some day soon. She is the founder of Latter-day Homeschooling and believes personal revelation is the secret to successful homeschooling.  You can read more about their homeschooling adventures at Noggins & Nonsense.
100_6475 - CopyTristan is a busy homeschooling mom to eight children ages 13, 9, 8, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1 and wife to one good man for 14 years. She loves reading, writing, baking, and organizing things. Her family enjoys Charlotte Mason flavored learning with lots of read alouds and a side of unit studies and lapbooks. One of her favorite scriptures is 2 Nephi 5:27, "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness," because living the gospel and following this homeschooling path has brought her happiness in the midst of trials. You can follow along with her family's homeschooling adventures at Our Busy Homeschool.
 teresa red (2)
Teresa is a widow, with 4 children (ages 24, 22, 20, and 15), all still at home, 2 of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. She pulled her ganglings out of public school one by one, when it was time, and when the promptings of the Lord were very strong. She embraces her Inner Rubber Chicken, believes in the quote, “Use the energy it takes to pout and write some BLUES,” and lives by another-- “Counsel with the Lord in all thy doing and He shall direct thy paths for good.”—something like that. She knows the heat of the Refiner’s Fire well, and still doesn’t like it. She loves making a mess while homeschooling, believing that dirt and children, no matter the age, go well together. She loves weight training, water aerobics, swimming, cooking, Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, reading the Book of Mormon and working on her Art Journal. You can find her at Wockenflock Daze, and at her art journal blog.

MontseMontserrat lives on a 4,400 acre alfalfa farm in Northern Nevada with her husband, Joseph, and their nine children. Both Montserrat and her husband were home schooled and they’ve been homeschooling their children for 13+ years. Their homeschooling approach tends to be eclectic but they always try to incorporate the gospel in each subject. Montserrat enjoys classical music, photography, cooking, crafting, chocolate, and sloppy goodnight kisses. You can read more about her family's crafts, projects, homeschooling, and farming adventures at her blog Chocolate On My Cranium.

Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 6.21.24 PMCourtney is military wife and homeschooling mom.  She has been married to the greatest (and best looking) man for ten years and has loved nearly every minute of it.  She has two girls, ages eight and six, and two boys ages four and one.  Courtney knows it is selfish of her, but she feels that her children are entirely too much fun for someone else to enjoy their company all day.  Courtney apologizes if this post is long winded and rambling.  She tends to feel very passionately about things and has a hard time ever shutting up.  You can find more of her and her musings over at My Ordinary, Every Day, Happily Ever After.


Rachel is the happy mother of eleven children between the ages of 17 and one year old. Now in her twelfth year of homeschooling, she continues to be an enthusiastic advocate for Thomas Jefferson Education principles and has spoken at several homeschool and TJEd conferences. She enjoys Shakespeare, designing and sewing Renaissance costumes, and both singing and reading with her family. She blogs at Thoughts From The Hearth and at Old Fashioned Motherhood .

Snapshot of me 1Jaime is living in Alberta, Canada, and is in her third year of homeschooling her 3 boys (12, 10, and 6).  She is married to her dh (which contrary to his belief, stands for Dear not Dumb!) for just about 14 years.  They are in the process of adding to the family by going through the adventure of adoption.  Their life long dream of owning a farm is also a goal they work towards daily.  She loves crafting, photography, reading, cooking, taking care of her family, homeschooling, learning new things, and many others. You can find a mish mash of all of that, on her family blog at Welcome to the Madness.

kyleeeen Samurai Mom is the mother of 2 boys and 1 girl ages 11, 8 and 5. Raised in NW Montana she now makes her home in Portland, Oregon but is still a Montana girl. She is a patriot at heart and tries to be an example to her children in civic responsibility and as a champion of liberty. A creator you can always find her making something even if it is a stack of rocks at the beach. Having made the firm decision to homeschool 7 years ago she has never looked back. Samurai Mom follows The Thomas Jefferson Education Principles, "structure time not content" has been some of the most liberating education advice she has received. "My educational goals for my children are to teach them to be who they are, to love to learn and to love the Lord. My favorite scripture story is of the 2,000 Stripling Warriors and hope that my children will be able to say of me "We do not doubt that our mother knew it." Samurai Mom homeschools because she actually likes her kids and want to be around them. Samurai Mom writes at Samurai Mom.


Jenny grew up in St. George, Utah and served in the Hungary Budapest mission. She received her BA in French and History with a secondary education emphasis. Within the last few years, starting with birthing at home, her passion has turned to exploring all forms of natural living and healing. This has led her to becoming a nutritional herbalist and becoming certified in the Emotion Code (an energy healing therapy). She is married to her sweetie, Kent, and they have 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys, ages 13 down to a few months old. They started homeschooling 3 years ago and don’t plan on quitting any time soon. To see what nuttiness is going on with the Rosengrens drop by at We don't call people poopyheads.

through 10 25 056Annmarie is a single mother of four children ages 13, 9, 5, and 3. She knew she wanted to homeschool before she was even pregnant with her first child, and has homeschooled all of her children since birth. She is passionately academic, but does not want that to supersede the importance of the spiritual intellect of her children as well.  Annmarie loves reading, theology, history, math, and science. She is passionate about classical music and wishes she had more time to play her violin. You can follow Annmarie's spiritual thoughts on her blog At Home.

me looking back editedEmily is passionate about family and life-long learning. She believes that most learning happens through books. She has hundreds of reviews of 'Deliciously Clean Reads' on her blog, Homespun Light, where she also talks about homeschool, the importance of family, and daily life. Emily is an aspiring children's writer, who has been published in The Friend magazine. She has also served as a Cybils judge three times. She has written many stories and hopes to hold a published book of her own one day. She loves homeschooling for the opportunity to share her love of reading and writing, as well as spending an abundant amount of quality time with her three kids.

Our newest addition of writers

DSC_0179Jana is a mother of four learning what life is like outside of Utah. She thinks kids are fascinating and loves helping them learn. Once upon a time she earned an Elementary Education degree and is happily putting it to use at home. Jana has been a “wannabe” homeschooler for many years, but is finally taking the plunge to teach all her kids at home. She loves: her Tempurpedic pillow, when the kitchen floor isn’t sticky, and buying school supplies. :) You can read about her homeschool highs and lows at The Cherry Pit.

IMG_7170Jessica has been married for more than 14 years and is the mother of four daughters ages 12, 10, 6 and 2. She was recently surprised to find her family growing from Little Women to Pride and Prejudice. Yes, daughter number five will arrive next year! Her family has been homeschooling for three years now and is so thankful for the blessing it has been in their lives. Jessica has a passion for her family, homeschooling, books, reading, writing, art and photography. She loves being home each day with her daughters and truly treasures the time she gets to spend nurturing and teaching them. She tries to blog regularly at Pemberley Academy.


Andrea is a homeschooling mother of five; ages 8, 6, 4, 2, and 6 months.  She is a "retired" school teacher who still teaches a class or two at the local university, is the RS president, and maintains two blogs.  She is constantly in danger of losing her sanity altogether.  She loves books, books, and more books!  She also loves writing, cooking, hiking, dancing, singing, hanging out with her family, and anything pro-redhead.  You can read more about her homeschooling efforts on the blog Frolic and Farce.

DSC02247Stephanie is blessed to be an adoptive Mommy to 2 sweet girls. Kayley is 5 years old and is in 1st grade this year after flying through Kindergarten at home. Maggie is almost 2 and squeals with excitement to join in the homeschool fun! Stephanie is married to her wonderful husband James and together with their family they make their home on 4 wooded acres in South Central Missouri. This is Stephanie's 2nd year "officially" homeschooling although she firmly believes that every day is a day at school. She blogs about her wonderful family, the ups & downs of adoption and the blessings of homeschooling at Swinging On Small Hinges.

layton family marci crop
Marcina enjoys curling up with a good book, researching her family history, singing at the top of her lungs to beautiful music, playing in her garden, and going on weekly dates with her husband. Growing up, she was homeschooled in early elementary and for most of high school. Marcina and her husband, Aaron, are the parents of children ages 12, 11, 9, 6, and 4, with another on the way. This will be their third year of homeschooling and they are loving it! Marcina’s homeschooling style is definitely eclectic, but she leans towards a Charlotte Mason/Classical philosophy. Her main goals are to inspire in her children a passion for learning and a deep love of the Gospel. She knows the Lord will help her fulfill her divine stewardship, one day at a time.     EvenNevNicefoto
Eve is a happy homeschooling mother of 3 sons and a daughter, ages 8, 6, 4 and not-quite-2.  She and her husband enjoy a family-centered learning lifestyle with their children, which often involves travel. Her specialties include reading favorite books and poetry aloud to her family, baking and cooking, singing hymns and primary songs, instigating art and messy activities, leading nature walks, and plenty of baby-nursing and child re-directing. Homeschooling is the way she and her husband have chosen to build a strong and happy family culture and to educate their children--the Lord has always been faithful to bless and strengthen them in that task. She blogs  @  Inchworm Chronicles . DSC_1323

Karyn is a mom to three young children. She just finished her first year of homeschooling. She grew up in FL and got a degree in Home Ec. Ed. from BYU. She taught school for a few years before having kids. Karyn loves learning along with her kids! Some hobbies: music, cooking, sewing, reading, & gardening. She runs two different blogs- one focused on homeschooling- Teach Beside Me, the other is a food blog.

meBrooke is a busy mom to five kids (3 sassy girls & 2 rambunctious boys) trying to make sure her kids grow up with lots of fun memories to look back on.  Homeschooling had never crossed her mind until her oldest child was about to enter Kindergarten.  After much research, prayers, and convincing her husband, the decision was made to keep her home.  Brooke enjoys cooking, baking, blogging, reading, learning new crafts, trying to learn photography, and daydreaming about someday owning chickens and goats.  You can check out her latest adventures, crafts, recipes and mishaps on her blog... Babblin' Brooke

SONY DSCCara is the mother of four children, three girls ages 7, 5 & 3 years and one lone little boy, age 1 year.  She married her husband, Michael eight years ago.  She holds a degree in history from BYU and currently resides in Utah.  Cara follows a more classical method of homeschooling her children and enjoys learning alongside her children all the subjects she was never exposed to in her school career.  She enjoys integrating the Girl Scouting program into her lesson plans. When she finds herself with a spare moment, she can be found petting skeins of yarn and knitting until her fingers ache.  She blogs about homemaking, homeschooling and her creative pursuits at her blog, Brooketopia.
Megan spends her days chasing after a crazy little monkey (boy, age 2), holding a sweet, precious angel (girl, age 6 mos), and trying to educate a brainiac (boy, age 5). She has been married to her sweetheart for 6 ½ years. She studied history at BYU and loves to read. Her favorite books are Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson and The Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentlemen trilogy by Pamela Aidan. She plans on giving her children a classical education, loosely following the resources in The Well Trained Mind. You can read more about her on her blog My Journey to Fulfilling My Calling.

arleenehyrum058_2Deila Taylor jumped into homeschooling 16 years ago with her third child, thinking it was only going to be for the middle-school years.  Now, with her fifth and last child in high school, who has never seen the likes of a traditional school, she has become an avid supporter. Of her three homeschooled kids, one has graduated from Chapman University with a bachelor's in English/Creative Writing, one is at BYU studying pre-med, and the last is still homeschooling. Deila's perspective comes from experiences in public school, private school and homeschool. She has a formal education from Occidental College where she got her bachelor's degree in biochemistry, graduate studies at USC in pharmacology and a most informal education at Home in motherhood. Find her homeschool blog at Ridgeline Homeschool Academy and life at Eve Out of The Garden.
kpKristen started homeschooling her three beautiful children when they were young because “the world will teach our children if we do not.” (Sister Rosemary M. Wixom) Their homeschooling adventures tend to lean toward the unschool side, with aspects of more traditional homeschooling styles coming and going as needed. The fluid, child-led learning style is perfect for her family because she plans to introduce her children to lots of God’s creations as they travel (and hopefully someday soon) live abroad. Kristen is a snowboarder, a hiker, a traveler, a dreamer, and an avid reader, but most importantly, she is a mother. You can follow her various successes and failures on her blog, Mundo Classroom.

Jen is a mother to 3 boys, and is in her first official year of homeschooling as her oldest just entered the realm of Kindergarten.  She has a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education and worked with young children for many years before having her own.  She likes to read, cook and get crafty.  She is an Usborne Books Consultant and blogs at Chestnut Grove Academy.

family pic STL

Emily Tan is a mother of five who started homeschooling in 1998 when it was time for her first child to enter Kindergarten. The local public school was unable to meet his special needs, and so she treaded into the unknown waters of homeschooling. Since then she has immersed herself in the homeschooling world while classically teaching all of her children until they enter high school. She writes as MissMOE about many aspects of homeschooling at Homeschooling While Living the Life of Easier.

bio picLeahona is the home school mommy of 3 amazing girls ages 5, 3, and 6 months. When she is not chasing after children she enjoys singing, baking, planning Relief Society Weekday meetings, blogging and playing games with her family. Leahona is mostly natural/environmentally friendly and is passionate about nursing, babywearing, and co-sleeping.  Leahona blogs about her family, living in her tiny town in rural Western Washington and home schooling. Also she has a fun cooking/ baking blog, Hona's Helpful Hints, where she shares her amazing recipes, product reviews, her favorite tips and tricks, and answers readers questions. Her guilty pleasures are facebook,  jalapeƱo anything and Harry Potter!

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Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Welcome to all the new writers! We are glad you joined our team. ☺

JRoberts said...

Welcome to all of you new authors. I look forward to checking out your blogs, and getting to know you all.

Mama Rachel said...

It was so fun to learn more about our new writers! Welcome to the crew, ladies! :)

Selo Banya Bansko said...

Great team you guys have. Your blog is awesome. Looks like is not easy to hire the best writers you need. Share some how do I found my team of writers?

Mitzi Mickelsen said...

I am excited to see all the support and experience you have to offer!! I am brand new to homeschooling and promised myself I would never do it .... but needed to save my son from himself. I am a very busy mom of 8, teaching college online, and trying to support teenagers in sports, music, etc. I am looking for a self-contained LDS based curriculum that comes all together to meet his needs. It can't be super expensive, but must have all the items included for the basic classes including math. Ideas? Of course I would love to have it based on the gospel and the Book of Mormon. I found one that I love based on the Bible, but not the King James Version. Thanks for your comments or ideas. I am not sure where to turn.