September 14, 2011

Found on the Web: Alphabet Animals, FHE Chart, LDS Preschool Curriculum, Art Work Display & More

Color the Alphabet Animals – Education.com6a00e54ece46d18833015390aaf414970b

Interactive Math Tools and Activities - Johnnie’s Math Page

What Are We Socializing Them For? - Stephen Palmer

FHE Chart – Simple Inspiration

Walk Beside me LDS Preschool Curriculum – Confessions of  a Slacker Mom

Ideas for 3-D maps -  1st Grade Learning Stars

Displaying Artwork with Cloth Hangers –Style Files

Tracing Outlines of Famous Art Works – Practical Pages

Free Paper Dolls of History – Practical Pages

Weekly Temperature Tracking Printable – Homeschool Creations

Hula Hoop Venn Diagraming – Lesson Plan SOS

7 Layer Density Column – Steve Spangler Science

Landform Diorama – The Crafty Classroom

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Happy Day Homeschooling said...

Thanks for the great links today!

homeschool101 said...

Great links. I have used some of these you posted. Great sites indeed. I wanted to let you know I courtesy posted you on my HS links blg. Thanks again.

newbiemama said...

Thanks so much for sharing my link!