September 29, 2011

Run Wild: Book Review

My family has always loved outdoor activities, so I considered this book an absolute treasure trove of wonderful ideas games to spark imaginations, artistic talents, games to play and other useful skills. Somedays, we just have to take it outside and do something extraordinary.

The first chapter of Run Wild! by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks talks about Wild Parties, encouraging "instant parties" (we always have a picnic basket ready to go for spur of the moment picnics), gathering with others for outdoor fun alongside the creek bed, building a lean-to just right for small bodies to eat their lunch together out in the woods.  I loved the Flour Grenade Ambush game, which is similar to paintball.  Players use spoonful of flour wrapped in tissues or paper towels for their grenades.

I was impressed with the tracking games and activities, painting faces in camo paint, wearing sticks and ferns to help camouflage their presence in the woods. Especially intriguing was a "stalking game" that focused on developing the senses.  Stalker players are paired up, one blindfolded, one not.  The blindfolded stalker is listening (safely guided by the stallker who is not blindfolded)  for the direction of the drum beat played by the person who is "it"--who is also blindfolded, listening for the footsteps of the stalkers.  Blindfolded "It" gets to spray the stalkers with a super soaker when he/she hears their footsteps.

Musical instruments are built from tree branches, cans, sticks. stones.  Head dresses and crowns are made from leaves and ferns.  Camping parties, wild story times, outdoor theater using costumes made from nature.  All right up the alley of the Wockenflock.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

Teresa is a widow and homeschooling mom, still homeschooling her special needs children beyond the age of 18, and getting one 17 year old through ACT testing.  She and her family embrace their inner rubber chickens, leaving a puff of feathers in their wake.  You can find them at Wockenflock Daze

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JRoberts said...

I am going to go and find this on Amazon right now!

What a wonderful book of ideas! Thank you so much for telling me (just me! :D) about it.