September 1, 2011

Scripture Journal Pages (YW Collection)

YW Scripture Journal Collection

Using a scripture journal as a tool to study the word of God has been an amazing experience for me.  The insight and desire to dig deeper have blessed me with knowledge and understanding beyond my expectations.  We are incorporating this into our homeschooling routine.

My daughter and I have worked together creating Scripture Journal pages focusing on the Young Woman values:

  • Faith
  • Divine Nature
  • Individual Worth
  • Knowledge
  • Choice & Accountability
  • Good Works
  • Integrity
  • Virtue

Of course we should all, male and female, young and old, seek to have and hold fast to these values.

You can download the YW Journal Pages here.

Scripture Journal Pages (YW Collection)

In addition, you can download the YW Values Word Art for your own personal use on cards, projects or what ever your clever self can think of. ☺

YW Word Art Preview


*Note:  The YW Values Word Art was designed by me (Dana♥) using free fonts and doodles found at

They are awesome!  Go check them out!

NAN buttonDana and her crew on working on establishing the habit of more joyful, and meaningful scripture study through Scripture Journaling.  Next month she plans to share a walk through on how to get children scripture journaling. You can follow their homeschooling trek at Noggins & Nonsense.

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Anaise said...

This was so perfectly timely for me! I am just organizing a scripture journaling plan for our family this very week! Thanks for the good ideas.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

These are great Dana! We are doing scripture journals as part of seminary. I know the YW will love these added pages.

shauna said...

Very nice Dana! I downloaded them for way in the future when I need them for my girls...sadly, it isn't nearly as far away as I want to think it is. Time just keeps disappearing!

Kellie said...

I love these journals! Many thanks for sharing :)