October 22, 2011

The Upside of ADD

If you have a kids with ADD--Attention Deficit Disorder, you should know that there is an upside of ADD as published by the Wall Street Journal. 

Finally, something good. 

Deila is a homeschooling mom, you can catch her sense of humor at Ridgeline Academy and Eve Out of The Garden.

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JRoberts said...

I too have some "creative thinkers" in my family. The beauty of homeschooling them is that they are no longer labled as "dumb" (true story)

We are now able to focus and use that beautiful way of thinking to it's highest ability.

Wonderful post, thank you.

Dana ♥ said...

I love your perspective! I agree totally! Embrace each child as God made him. :)

katie said...

My mom always says that to me about my kids- a dreamer, a silly heart. It our joke for the two I have who think reverence during family scripture study means sitting upside down on the couch. Remembering that part of the movie makes me smile. Since I started homeschooling (after a preK teacher told me not to send my oldest to school again without a Mtn. Dew to help him focus and suggested he get medicated before kindergarten) I have never once worried about the whole ADD/ADHD issue. I'm so grateful that we have the ability and opportunity to homeschool.