December 5, 2011

The Greatest Gift We Can Give

"A choice mother wrote: 'How did the pioneer women … respond to the challenges of their day? They listened to their prophet’s voice and followed him because they knew he spoke the will of the Lord. They met the challenges and reaped great blessings because of their faith and obedience. Their first priorities were not security, nice homes, or an easy life. … No sacrifice was too great for them to make for their precious husbands and children.'” *  ~Richard G. Scott 

I originally had a very different post in mind for December, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that Heavenly Father had something else in mind for me to share today...

The subject of my family's eternal exaltation has been on my mind a lot lately, beginning with my eldest daughter getting her patriarchal blessing, and continuing on with recent lessons in Relief Society and Family Home Evening.

With this important topic laying heavy on my mind, I am finding that so many things I've been worrying about and pondering on have fallen by the wayside. Plans have changed, stresses have been released, and priorities are coming into focus.
"Sisters, you are each like the lioness at the gate. This means that there has to be some prioritizing. I was taught years ago that when our priorities are out of order, we lose power. If we need power and influence to carry out our mission, then our priorities have to be straight."~ Julie B. Beck
In the 2010 Women's Conference at BYU, Sister Julie B. Beck spoke extensively on the priorities we have in our motherhood experiences. It has had a great influence on me, but as the busy-ness of daily life creeps in, it is something I find the need to revisit again and again.

She talks about her father who had passed away just ten days before she spoke, and how urgently he talked to her about understanding her mission on the earth. She said:
"Taking care of our posterity takes precedence over all other things. 'Do you see the panorama of this family?' he said. 'Think of the achievement of purpose our family has come to the earth to perform. A vision of our family is the vision of our purpose before the Lord.'"
 And so I ask myself: What is it that I should be doing that takes precedence over EVERYTHING else? And how does this apply to my life today-- RIGHT NOW?

The Greatest Gift
This Christmas, each family has the opportunity to choose the way they celebrate, what to give, and where their priorities lie. In all that we have planned, what is truly the greatest gift we can give our children?

A testimony of Jesus Christ.

And so I ask myself: Do our children know how WE feel about Jesus Christ? Do they know that we know that He is the Son of God, the Savior of all the world? In the midst of all the carols sung, the gifts wrapped, and the running to and fro, do they know? Do they really KNOW?

If we don't sing another song, or buy another present this year, let's all give our children the gift of eternal life; let's leave them in no doubt of where we stand and where our priorities actually lie.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, indeed,
~Mama Rachel

Rachel is the happy mother of eleven children between the ages of 17 and one year old. Now in her twelfth year of homeschooling, she continues to be an enthusiastic advocate for Thomas Jefferson Education principles and has spoken at several homeschool and TJEd conferences. She enjoys Shakespeare, designing and sewing Renaissance costumes, and both singing and reading with her family. She blogs at Thoughts From The Hearth and at Old Fashioned Motherhood .

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Tristan said...

Love this post - so true, there is one thing that is most important and we need to be reminded often to refocus, or at least I do!

AllisonK said...

lovely post today!