January 27, 2012

Book Review: Handmade Music Factory

What a treat!  What a wealth of home made information to inspire the budding musician who also loves to work with his/her hands!

Handmade Music Factory: The Ultimate Guide to Making Foot~Stompin’~Good Instruments by Mike Orr gives instructions for making real, usable instruments out of cookie tins, making an electrified stomp box and washboard, one string washtub bass, an ironing board lap steel guitar and a soup can diddley bow.

What I really loved about this book was the detailed pictorial instructions for making instruments using tins, cans and boxes and the chapters on electrifying the instruments. You will find detailed pictorial instructions for the electrical wiring.  One “electrifying” picture shows the usage of an empty Altoid tin to encase electrical parts. You can even make a home made amplifier out of an old radio.   The Gallery holds page after page of inspiring creations, including a guitar made from an old license plate, a hubcap banjo, and other lovely boxes (I could have done well without the toilet seat guitars, but to each his own). 

My budding musician flipped for this book found in our local library.  Click here for more information and the opportunity to see inside. 

What a treat!

Teresa is a widow, with four children at home,  homeschooling 2 “disabled” adult children and one Neuro typical high school age son.  The family embraces their inner rubber chicken, leaving a puff of feathers in their wake.

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Emily Fay said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I have added it to my "wish list" :) Have a great weekend!