January 20, 2012

Conceptual Art

 As I was thinking about what to share with you this month I thought "What am I doing right now?" and the answer is Conceptual Art.  More specifically conceptual knitting and it is all I can think about right now.
Photo from whipup.net

I found this post about the Sky Scarf a while back and I loved the concept but wasn't sure what I would do with a blue scarf, but last week I realized I live in Portland, Oregon, I wouldn't have a blue scarf, it would be grey, my favorite color!
And so my friend Paula and I are impatiently waiting for our order of grey and blue yarn to arrive so that we can start knitting.  In the meantime we have begun diligently recording the color of the sky each day.
Paula is knitting a sky shawl and is being a bit more methodical than I am, she has a palette of 6 colors, plus white for snow (which will be MAYBE one or two rows) and has specific criteria for what weather merits what color. She will decide the color for the day at 12:00pm.
I, on the other hand, am knitting a scarf an have a palette of 9 colors, plus white, and will be mixing the colors as well.  I will choose the color of the day when I wake up in the morning and will sit and knit the row after I say my morning prayers and wait for my eyes to "wake up." I don't have a strict criteria for the colors as I prefer a combination of matching the actual color of the sky as well as the mood of the weather.

Not everyone will knit this project but wouldn't it be fun to do this with your kids to record the  color of the sky each day, or record the mood of the day, or the color of sunset or the sunrise? One gal I read about is knitting the high and low temperatures of the day.  How about using a box of crayons and some lined paper?  Just color in one line each day. Or color the box on the calendar?  You could cut out squares of colored paper and glue or tape them on each page of the kids journal or daily school workbook.  The possibilities abound.

To learn more about the Sky Scarf and Conceptual Knitting visit Leafcutter Designs. Watch the video too!

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Kate said...

I saw the idea of the sky scarf on Pinterest and fell in love with it! I'm not a knitter, nor did I think to record the sky's colour here each day until I could afford yarn . . . perhaps a crocheted sky scarf will be a project for 2013! :)

Lisa said...

I heard a similar idea for a weather chart that sounded really cool. The mom created a large, bare tree to put on the wall. It could be painted, drawn, cut out of colored paper, etc. The tree had twelve branches, one for each month of the year. Each day the child would look outside to see what the weather was like and put a leaf on the tree in a color corresponding to the weather. White leaves for snow, blue for rain, grey for cloudy, yellow for sunny, etc. At the end of the year they had a very colorful record of what the weather had been like, and it was fun to see how the colors changed according to the month of the year.

Shaie said...

I love that idea Lisa, thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

What a fantastic idea! I'd definitely need a lot of shades of gray, as I live in the Pacific NW.

Mary G. said...

Thanks for sharing this idea! I visited the website you shared and am raring to go knit my own sky scarf.