January 2, 2012

Spring Fever

After the harvest is over, my mind turns to spring and the new garden I am planting.

When I was younger I heard the primary song, "The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden" and used to walk around singing it.  As I age I realize there is something extra that pulled me in that song.  I love to garden and I would like to share a bit of why with you today. 

In the spring, just as the snow melts, your little bulbs that you planted in the fall begin to peek through. 

I love to take this opportunity to open up discussion with my kids about the life cycle of plants.  BUT spring also brings with it some deep spiritual discussion.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is such a wonderful topic to bring up at this time as well.

As we get our plants growing and teach our children about the work that goes into planting and tending a garden, (weeding is a wonderful teaching tool!) we can start to see evidence of our labors.  Our plants start to produce the first evidence of fruit.

My boys are always so excited to find the first strawberry, or first apple.  That first harvest of lettuce is always the most delicious salad you eat.  The first fruits of our labors are always sweetest.

Sometimes we do something extra special like building this "fort" in the garden.  We were staying with my Mom and Dad for a week and we built this frame with chicken wire.  My boys were so excited to spend time right in the garden.  The vegetables grew up and around them and I noticed that they picked a bean here and there or tasted the lettuce.  They loved to eat the veggies right out of the garden and seemed to gain a new appreciation for the yummy food right there around them.

As we teach our children about the work involved in producing our food, we can also teach them about the joy of gardening. 

I get  many a seed catalogue in the mail and my boys pour over them.  We plan elaborate gardens and simple ones.  We imagine the wonders that our vegetable garden will produce for us each year.  Even now as we live in a tiny little place, we can grow veggies and explore the wonder that it brings as we watch our efforts produce fruit.

Jaime is a gardening maniac and loves the experience of being outside in the dirt!  Pretty soon there will be spring in the Canadian snow and she will be out there digging around with dirt under her nails!  If you want to see some of the stuff she enjoys, you can check out her pintrest gardening board.  Join her in her madness at her personal blog Welcome to the Madness.

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MissMOE said...

I love gardening as well! Right after the excitement of Christmas is over, I start planning for my garden.