February 13, 2012

What is Montessori?

There are so many different educational theories when it comes to Home-Schooling (or schooling in general), that it can often be overwhelming when deciding to home school and picking a home school curriculum.  I’m am not a believer that one size fits all, but I do tend to flock to more hands on philosophies when it comes to Early Childhood Learning.  Montessori is one of these hands on philosophies that highly intrigues me.  I had been applying basic Montessori principles in our homeschooling, but I didn’t have a full understanding of Montessori, how to apply it, and more specifically how to use the many Montessori specific learning tools.   There are many great Montessori based blogs out there, that I have gotten my ideas from, but I wanted to know more. 

First I got the ebook, Montessori at Home, which better explains Montessori Philosophies, and gives great ideas and explanations of ways to introduce Montessori based activities at home.

I then set out to find a Montessori Online Course, so that I could learn more about the process of Montessori, and how to set up even more activities.  I stumbled upon World Wide Montessori Online, after combing through several other VERY EXPENSIVE options, and was very interested.  At the same time I received a recommendation from Deb Chitwood at Living Montessori Now (a GREAT Montessori blog) for that very course.  So, I signed on!

I have not been able to be as active in the course as I would have liked, but regardless, the information I have received from it is worth the price I paid and MORE!

Montessori education is based on the theories of Maria Montessori, who developed a child led type of learning.  What I love the most about Montessori is its focus on life skills at young ages, and following the interest of the child.   Most importantly (to me) learning is hands on! 

This video does a great job of giving an overview of Montessori

We all homeschool for different reasons, but if a Montessori School was an affordable option for us...I may not homeschool.

The best news is that currently on my blog, I am hosting a giveaway for the exact Montessori Online Course I am currently enrolled in. You will also find links to many great Montessori blogs in my left sidebar, and Montessori activities we have done.

Hurry over to enter, because the giveaway ends 2/15 at 12:01am EST!

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