February 22, 2012

When Mother's Lunch Isn't Good Enough

If you needed another reason to homeschool, this may be it -- your homemade lunch may not be up to snuff, or sniff. In a North Carolina public school, Mr. Big Nose, Government Inspector snooped in the lunch bag of a 4-year old, Pre-K student. Finding a home-made turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice not up-to-snuff with the Department of Health and Human Services standards and the USDA, he ordered the mandated federal cafeteria "school lunch" for the bewildered little girl. What did she do? She ate three chicken nuggets and took her own lunch home, untouched. The milk and veggie that was on the tray got dumped in the trash. According to our government, meals must include one serving each of meat, milk and grain and two servings of fruit or vegetables. 

I don't know which is worse -- government agents telling a child that her mommy is wrong -- "your mother's lunch is not healthy, and you must eat the school lunch," causing undue stress for a young 4-year old, or government agents not recognizing a healthy lunch. Truly, this must be a science fiction novel, on par with Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World. But truth be told, this story is real-life, 2012 -- big government pushing it's way into family life, and telling parents how it is. Welcome to Obama's new direction for America.

There is a new federal law backing this up, too. It's not free either, you get charged for the lunch.

One of my favorite scenes from The Ghostbusters -- Mr. Government Inspector shuts down the containment unit:

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Dana ♥ said...

I was disgusted when I saw that on the news! It should be an eye opener in a long list of others.

So sad and aggravating at the same time! Yesterday for lunch we had homemade wheat buns with turkey cheese and spinach. We followed it down with a little water. :)

Mama Rachel said...

The saddest part about this story was that I was totally NOT surprised by it. This is the stupidity that comes from allowing "experts" to dictate everything we do. The idea that a lunch sent from home needed to be EXAMINED is SICK!!!

Every day, every semester, every school year, the "powers that be" take more and more power away from parents. When will public schooling parents say "Enough is enough???" I am sad at how complacent most parents are on the issue of parental rights. :(

ColleenaMareena said...

Ok, this is just fear mongering.

It wasn't a government employee, it was a teacher who was supervising the kids in the cafeteria. The girl was supposed to get a free milk, and the teacher made a mistake.


Dana ♥ said...

From the New York Post:

"A North Carolina preschooler this week got a taste of the brave new school-lunch world.
As the 4-year-old entered the lunchroom, the state lunch inspector (!!) examined her sack and found the contents to be in violation of US Department of Agriculture nutrition guidelines. Herr Lunch Lady summarily threw the offending meal — including a homemade turkey sandwich, banana, chips and apple juice — into the trash; the girl was given a school-lunch meal consisting of . . . chicken nuggets.

The link is found here: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/lunch_nazis_on_the_attack_tGyUoxc3mKetWmBpZz41rN

You can also read this post of the Carolina Journal Online found here:http://www.carolinajournal.com/exclusives/display_exclusive.html?id=8762

Cam said...

I would've been furious if this had happened to my child. No one has the right to examine a lunch sent from home and deem it unworthy to eat at school. I'm so glad I homeschool!

Megan said...

Why are you blaming this on Obama? Was George W. not the one to start No Child Left Behind? Was he not the one to start all the bailouts (aka extreme government interference)? The saddest thing to me is when people start thinking Republicans and Democrats are all that different. This type of thing is not bound to just one political party, both are to blame. And the apathetic American people even more so.

Courtney said...

There is a difference between big government that gives people entitlementands (bad) and big government that does all of that and more AND emposes nanny state initiatives that undermind the parent (worse). Bush was no angel, but he is a harmless puppy compared with what we have now. He was a big government progressive that had no business doing a lot of what he did, but at least he had the decency to respect parental authority, the miiitary and the individual.

If we are going to play the blame game then we need to go back at least as far as FDR, more realistically Wilson or Teddy Roosevelt.

This is not fear mongering. This is the kind of thing that the MSM ignores for its own nefarious purposes and I'm glad that people are spreading the word. This is one of TWO instances in this one school wherel lunches from home were deemed unworthy of human consumption.

Just because we have chosen to homeschool doesn't mean that we can ignore the things happening everywhere else.

Erica said...

I heard about this. I love how you finished it up: Ghostbusters!

Rebecca said...

I also read the news article Dana quoted from and I thought it was interesting to learn from this post that she didn't eat the vegetables, etc. I wondered about that. Even if you put the healthiest most wonderful lunch in front of children it won't help if they don't eat it. LOL! So what's next? Force feeding?