March 30, 2012

Gratitude Journals

This past week we were visited by a dear friend that moved away.  She said she wanted to get the children something special.  I believe she accomplished her goal.  She bought each child a journal, and then brought a few packages of stickers to decorate various pages.  She then taught them a little lesson on what gratitude is, and encouraged them to write something that they are grateful for each day. She then wrote a little note to each child telling them why she was grateful for them. 
Some of the Gratitude Journals
I have thought of doing something like this for a while, but never got around to doing it.  I'm so glad she did.  I believe the children were much more receptive to learning it from her (instead of mom just adding another subject to their day), and they have been excited these last few days to write things in their journals.
Stickers to decorate
I'm curious what changes this will bring to our home as the children focus more on that for which they are grateful. It seems we are always battling the  "I want..." or "How come I can't have...?", instead of focusing on the "look how blessed we are". Even I am guilty of falling into this category...I need to get myself a gratitude journal! :-)
4 year old's Journal
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Dana ♥ said...

Such a fun way to encourage gratitude. Thanks for sharing!