March 13, 2012

KINDERGARTEN by Susan Case Review

KINDERGARTEN:  Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents is a great book written by Susan Case, an LDS Author.  Though many reading this blog are homeschoolers, I feel this is still a great read for any parent of a Kindergartener, there are many great ideas that could be of use to both parent and teacher alike. 
As an early childhood education major, this book took me back in time to my teaching days.  Anyone who has ever loved a child of kindergarten age will appreciate the funny tales that Ms. Case shares of the kindergarteners she has encountered in her many years of teaching.  You’ll laugh out loud, and sometimes cry.  Ms. Case is the kindergarten teacher that, anyone who sends their child to public school, hopes their child will have. 
Filled with early childhood developmental insight, and loaded with activities and advice; this book is able to be applied at home, and even in home schooling…not just in the classroom.
Kindergarten is also filled with lots of really great quotes, including several from General Authorities.
I highly recommend this book for anyone with a kindergartener in their life…
You can find out more about Ms. Case and her book at her blog , her blog is also filled with more great ideas for kindergarteners!
Her book is available for kindle, nook and in trade paperback, but you can win your own copy at my blog (beginning 12:01am EST 3/14)
“Never think you have been taught enough”  Henry B. Eyring

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Tristan said...

I love reading books like this (for the educator sector) and seeing what I can apply in our homeschool! Thanks for the review!