March 2, 2012

Survival in a Loaf Pan

In our family we have a little obsession with outdoor things.

We love to be prepared, and in the process of becoming prepared, we tend to do things like make and use survival kits.

This one is one of our favorites in it's simplicity and also in the totality of including a little of everything.

Here is a list of the contents (and what you can use them for):
Sling Shot ("hunting" small game for eating, a little bit of protection)
Safety Pins (repair or holding things together)
Fish Hooks (fishing or repair - make shift sewing implements)
Ground Sheet (emergency shelter, poncho, ground cover to sleep on)
Emergency Blanket
Nylon Rope
Flint & Steel (fire making)
Snare Wire (for catching small game, emergency "rope")
Multi Tool
Mirror (signaling)
Fishing line (wrapped on a bobbin from a sewing machine)
Pencil & Tape (with the tape wrapped around the end of the pencil)
Bungee Cords
Loaf Pan (for everything to fit into)
Bandana (to wrap and carry the loaf pan in)
As you can see, you probably want to learn some skills before you absolutely HAVE to rely on something like this. 
Here are a couple links that you might enjoy:
Knife Safety Discussion
Tarp Shelters
My post with a pile of "scouting" links.  All broken down into areas of study.
What is your favorite thing to do for survival preparing?  I would love to know how your family is preparing yourself in survival.  Have fun!

Jaime loves to prepare.  Survival and outdoor skills are her families favorite because this means camping and hiking and other fun things you can do outdoors!  Join in on the madness at her family blog at Welcome to the Madness.

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Dana ♥ said...

I love this!!!! Jaime, such a great idea!

Misty said...

Great idea! We've also been doing some preparedness work the last year. We just found that our local Sam's Club - Michigan, gives away the 5 gallon food grade buckets the frosting for the bakery comes in. We cleaned those out on a hot summer day with a LOT of detergent and have now filled a bunch of them with water (and a small tad of bleach), bulk grains, bulk beans, and mylar pouched dried fruit and veggies from the cannery. Thanks for the links - we have some scouts that will really like the whole snaring ideas.


JRoberts said...

Misty, Great job on the bucket finding! I get mine from the loads of old folks homes around here, they also give them away. Makes it so much cheaper to have buckets! Hope your scouts enjoy the snaring.

Dana, if you make one, let me know how it turned out. (I have one in an altoids tin as well if you want to try that...)

Mama Rachel said...

This is so cool!!! Great post, Jaime! :-)

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This is a good list! I like the bread pan. I haven't seen that anywhere else yet.

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog