April 6, 2012

A Christ-Centered Easter

Are you looking for more meaningful ways to celebrate Easter with your family?

I certainly am always on the lookout for great ideas to help us focus on the glorious message of Easter: that Christ is risen and that through Him we will be resurrected and can inherit eternal life with our Heavenly Father!

The book "A Christ-Centered Easter" by Janet and Joe Hales has made such a difference in our family's Easter traditions. Before I found this book, I had the same feelings as the Hales did, as expressed in this quote from the book,

"For years I felt that our family's Easter celebration was as hollow as the chocolate bunnies we devoured on Easter morning. All my life I had been told that the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most sacred and significant events in all creation. If that is true, I reasoned, then shouldn't Easter, the commemoration of those events, be the highlight of our year?"

I have found this book to contain wonderful ideas and activities to help celebrate Easter in a truly meaningful way, focusing on Christ, each day of the week leading up to Easter Sunday. There are stories and song suggestions, a harmony of the scriptural accounts of the week leading up to the Resurrection, information about the passover and recipes for holding a "Jerusalem Dinner," and activity ideas that will appeal to different ages of children, toddlers to teens. This book has been such an inspirational resource for making Easter a "highlight of our year!"

If you haven't seen them already, the Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos recently put out by the Church are beautiful! (There is also an app available) They are short vignettes and they are very "quiet" in tone, as President Eyring described them. They surely bring the Spirit and fit in nicely with our celebration of Easter this week.

Mormon.org also has a special Easter facebook page. The picture at the top of my post is from this facebook page, one in a series of Easter cards. On this facebook page you can also share your testimony of Christ. What a wonderful gift!

What are some of your favorite resources or ideas to help your family celebrate Easter by focusing on Christ?

Marcina and her husband, Aaron, have recently welcomed their sixth child into their family! Children are truly one of God’s greatest gifts. This is her third year of homeschooling and she is grateful for the opportunity to teach her children at home. It continues to be both a challenge and a delight! In her spare moments she enjoys family history, gardening, reading, singing, listening to beautiful music, and learning new things.

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Dana ♥ said...

I have that same book! It totally changed our Easter activities! Thanks for your wonderful post.

Abby said...

My husband got me this book when we were expecting our first little one, and we have used it from the very beginning. It has been a wonderful resource, to keep Easter focused on our Savior!