June 7, 2012

Summer is Here...Almost!

I look forward to summer each year.


Yes, I said it.  I love summer.  Not just the fact that it gets super warm here in the summer, but because I have the opportunity to spend time doing the "extras" in school.

My boys request two things each year.  Our Summer Reading Chart, and our Summer Fun Chart.

This is a jpeg of our summer reading chart (click on it for a bigger version you can save to your computer and then you can print).

We try to do the whole thing each year.  Our rules are simple.

When a book is read you cross off the themes in each book.  For example:  if one of my boys read "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan they could cross off: A Boy Hero, A Girl Hero, Pyramids, and Action/Adventure.  The trick is they have to discover what they could cross off.  I don't tell them what the book is about.

If all of my boys complete the charts, they are eligible for a special prize.  Last year they could have earned a trampoline, but alas one of my boys didn't finish so this year they are trying to earn one again.

Our other tradition is to have a Summer Fun chart.  I run it off and place it in a frame.  Each time we do an activity we cross it off with a dry erase marker.  If you put it in a frame you can re-use it the next year (or all year long!) if you just wipe off the marker!

This is the link to the list that you can print.  My boys love having these two things each year and look forward to our traditions each summer.

What do you do in the summer time?  Do you have any traditions that your kids (or you) look forward to each year?  Enjoy summer!

Jaime is counting down the days till she is full on summer.  Coming soon on her personal blog there will be a summer camp feature with all the fun ideas that others have contributed, and a few of her own!  :)

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Dana ♥ said...

What a fun way to encourage reading this summer! I ♥ it! Cute chart!

shauna said...

The chart looks great Jaime! I can't wait to get the printable one on Monday! :)

Kate said...

Awesome, Jamie! I just asked C if this was something he wanted to do, and he said yes . . . looking forward to your summer fun sheet as well! :)

JRoberts said...

Please let me know if your kids like it. My boys sure do, but it would be great if it encourages other children to read as well! :)

Holly said...

What a fun idea! I'm not sure how I'd make that work with beginning readers, but I could try something simple.

JRoberts said...

Holly, I have one beginning reader and we read together. If he is stuck on a theme, he asks the librarian (to get better aquainted with them) for suggestions on what to borrow. He is one of the most excited when we do this. :)