August 11, 2012

Assigning "Virtual" Schoolwork?

In recent years I believe a lot more homeschoolers are moving toward computer or video based learning.  Maybe not for every subject, but for some.  It's convenient, frees up Mom as the teacher letting her focus on other tasks, and it provides detailed instruction in subjects that we my not know a lot about. 

In our house we are currently using a couple of online programs that we really enjoy!  BUT-- It started to get complicated when, we were working through our workboxes daily and the "virtual programs" were not getting completed.  I quickly realized it was because I had nothing to put in the workboxes to prompt my daughter to complete assigned computer work and DVD based courses.  Of course, I couldn't stuff the computer or DVD player in her little workbox, but I needed something in there to jog our memories! 

So, I came up with this quick and completely painless idea:

First I went to the website of the products we were using and took a little snap-shot or screen-shot of their logo.  For example we are using a couple of online reading programs (Reading Eggs and Reading Kingdom), an online Spanish program (Speekee) and a piano course (Kinderbach).

Then I transferred the pictures onto a powerpoint slide for easy manipulation, resizing and adding text and blank lines...

Once I had them the way I liked them, I printed them onto cardstock, I trimmed them neatly and used a self-sealing pouch to laminate them.

To use them, I write on the daily assignment with a dry erase marker.  We can use them over and over again.  They fit nicely inside our workboxes and work like a charm!  

How about you?  What do you use to help remind your children to do computer based or video based schoolwork?

Stephanie has been married to her wonderful husband James for 9 years. They are parents to 2 special blessings through the miracle of adoption. Kayley, age 5 and Maggie, age 2. This is her second year "officially" homeschooling although her Father always taught her that "every day is a day at school." You can visit her family at Swinging On Small Hinges.

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Tristan said...

We don't use hardly anything virtual right now. The only thing we have is Kinderback on DVD for my younger ones. The kids ask to do it so I don't have a hard time remembering. Sorry, that's no help, is it? LOL. I like your idea though if we were to have lots on screens. We're just not into screen time.

Len said...

We did something similar but they are small cards that have a time at the bottom. I really like your idea of being able to change them as we need! Thank you.

Andrea said...

Which reading program do you like best? I have a reluctant reader and maybe it is time to try something new.

Eve said...

What a creative solution!

Eve | Inchworm Chronicles

Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Andrea - my daughter really enjoys Reading Eggs. Time4Learning was fun for her too. Good luck! ;)