August 16, 2012

Making a schedule that is YOURS!

When I first started this homeschooling adventure I was so worried about doing it ‘right’.
Interests **These are the lists of ‘interests’ my girls have for this year!**

What was my day supposed to look like?  How long were we supposed to be doing school each day?  Was I supposed to have a designated school room with desks or were we supposed to do school at the kitchen table?  Was I supposed to hit each subject every day?

These were the questions that ran through my head…. (along with many others)


That’s right, friends, I was so afraid of doing it wrong.  I asked other homeschoolers which curriculum they used for each subject and what time of the day they did math and how often they did history… on and on and on. 

And then I tried to make our homeschool look like theirs. 

Let me tell you something… It did NOT work!  

It wasn’t until this past homeschooling year that I really felt like things were falling into place.  That was also the first year that I didn’t try to copy someone else’s schedule.  I was scared.  I’m not the type of person that just does things on a whim or without a ‘recipe’.  Doing this on our own was the scariest thing I had ever done.  But I did it! 

Know how?  I prayed, I planned what felt right, and I asked the kids how they would like things done.  WEIRD, I know!  ;)

But wow, things really just fell into place in a way that I hadn’t planned on.  Our schedule was just that… OUR schedule.  We loved it!!  My kids noticed a difference and it made homeschooling fun again.

So, the real purpose of this post is to encourage any copy cat homeschoolers (like I used to be) to follow your hearts.  Do what’s right for your family.  Make your schedule your own. 

NO other family has the same dynamics that you do.  Every family has different needs and every child has different ways of learning and everyone has a different schedule.  I’ve met some families that focus on one subject a day, others that thrive on hitting each subject daily.  One family might do well to have a midweek activity (such as Liberty Girls, Commonwealth, field trip, free day, etc.) while others like to plug on through!   Some families homeschool for only 3 hours a day. 

Take the ideas from others that resonate with your family and implement them where you can but don’t try to BE other homeschoolers. 

Have you been able to establish your own homeschooling schedule yet? 

Brooke and her husband Anthony are expecting baby #6 in November and couldn’t be happier about it! She loves being at home with her five children and learning along with them as they explore the world and the gospel. Brooke also likes to try her hand at cooking and crafting and someday hopes to be what would be considered a REAL Domestic Diva! Read her adventures at Babblin’ Brooke

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Holly said...

I agree- I've read about many other people's methods and schedules but when it came time to do our own thing I've just figured it out a day at a time. I'm slowly learning what works for us and trying not to freak out when I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. We're just figuring this out one day at a time.

Kori said...

Great reminder! Thanks!