September 17, 2012

Constitution Day!

Today is Constitution Day in the United States.   A day to remember the amazing document that makes this country so great, that gives us our freedoms.  I feel so blessed to be a citizen of this country.

Last month I was lucky enough to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.  It was an amazing and an inspiring experience.  I don't write this to share my political beliefs, but to share the love I feel for this country.  It was so inspiring to listen to speeches of so many people who love and want to serve this country to the best of their abilities.  It was inspiring to be in a room filled with tens of thousands of people who also deeply love this country. 

I have worked hard to teach my children about our country's history, the founding fathers and the work that they did to help create a country where men can be free, where we can worship as we choose, and educate our children as we choose!

While attending the convention, I met a young girl, Juliette Turner, who wrote a book about the constitution for kids called Our Constitution Rocks. She is just 14!  She and her mom worked together on the project starting at the age of 11. She was being homeschooled during that time.  I was so impressed by her that I bought her book.  It just came out this past week, so it only came in the mail a few days ago.  I have only had time to begin the first chapter, but it is already something that I am excited to be able to share with my kids. 

Teach these wonderful truths to your kids!  Spend a little time today on the constitution.  Tell them of your love for this country and help them to establish their own love of country.  Inspire them to stand up for their own beliefs and values and to vote accordingly (when they are old enough).  Be an example to them by doing the same. 

Karyn is a homeschooling mom of three kids.  She grew up in S. Florida, but has lived out west since college.  She is a former Home Ec. teacher and loves cooking, running, reading, sewing, singing, gardening, blogging, teaching, & being with her family!  She write two blogs- Teach Beside Me is a homeschooling blog and her other one is a food blog. 

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