September 6, 2012

Quest Clubs

Have you ever heard of Quest Clubs?  Over the summer I stumbled upon this fantastic website and I wanted to share it with you.

It is an "educational incentive program," designed with homeschoolers in mind.  Think: multi-level unit study ideas combined with customizable Scout badges.

There are over a thousand badges written with requirements that are fully customizable and applicable to grades K-12.  Anything the kids are doing for the Faith in God program, Scouts, or Personal Progress can count towards applicable badges.  You can write your own badges or you can request a badge to be written for you and they will write it in about 4 weeks.  I just requested a Biographies badge and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they wrote it.

In addition to the badges that can be earned, there are other awards for things such as service, life skills, leadership, character, patriotism, etc.

A membership is required, but it is very reasonable.  I paid $30 for a year-long family membership.  There are also Club memberships for those wanting to use the program in organized groups.

We have a few badges we are working on together as a family, that tie into our history and science studies.  Then they each have individual badges that they are working towards with a little help from me.  I meet with them a few times a week to check on their progress and help them with any supplies or resources that they might need.  Then I let them run with it and meet their own goals.

My 7 year-old just earned the American Girl badge and one of the requirements was to hold a doll party.  She planned and executed the whole thing without much help from me; from writing and delivering invitations to planning and preparing the treats, activities and decorations.  She loved every minute of it!

Here are some of the felt banners the kids hand-sewed to display their badges.

We are also starting a Quest Club group this month with a few other homeschool families.  We will meet twice a month; once to do a project lead by one of the moms and once to have a "show-and-tell" time where the kids can have a chance to share what they have learned and accomplished.

My kids have been so excited about this program!  It has introduced some fun outside motivation into our homeschooling and they have taken the initiative to learn new things.  Love it!  Sometimes we all struggle with motivation, and this has been an answer to prayer.

Yay for Quest Clubs!

Marcina and her husband, Aaron, have six children. This is her fourth year of homeschooling and she is grateful for the opportunity to teach her children at home. It continues to be both a challenge and a delight! In her spare moments she enjoys family history, gardening, reading, singing, listening to beautiful music, and learning new things.

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Tristan said...

This looks really neat! I've wanted something similar without the hassle of format Scouting organizations. I will be looking at this more.

Laurie said...

This looks really interesting! Can I ask what the badges are like? Are they like the regular Scout badges? Or are they just paper ones that you print out? Or... what? Just curious!

Marcina said...

The badges are the 1" button kind made out of plastic and metal, they are not fabric/thread like the Scout badges. We actually make our own badges, because I didn't want to pay $1 for each badge (times 5 kids) and my kids wanted to design their own badges anyway. So they draw their own, or make it on the computer, we cut out a 1" circle, and cover it with an epoxy dot sticker (which I bought for very cheap on This is working for us so far, though we will buy the metal and jewel awards from the Quest Clubs website when the kids earn those. They are a few dollars each.