October 2, 2012

Back To School Photo Shoot

It has been a couple months since I remembered that my day is the 2nd of each month to post here. 
In fact, I am even posting this WAAAAAY late. 
I am so sorry!
I don't even have anything profound to say today, but I thought I would share a fun little tradition we started when we first started homeschooling.
My boys love going for photo shoots. 
When we do a "photo shoot" they feel so special.  It is even more special when it is a "Back-To-School" shoot!

I find that as my boys grow up, they change in such noticeable ways as I look back to last years "photo shoot".

Their styles also change. 

My little men grow up so fast and I want to remember that.

Each year we have fun going through their most recent photo shoot, then seeing the previous years shoot.

It is a wonderful time to discuss how proud I am of them and how much I see them grow in such positive ways. 

This might very well be my favorite part of our "Back-To-School" routine.

What are some of your favorite traditions you have in your home or school?  I would love to hear about them.

Jaime blogs over at Welcome to the Madness.  If you want to come delve into the madness that is in her brain...that is where to find her! 

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