October 3, 2012


I was taking a swim this morning at the gym (30 blessed minutes when my back and legs don't ache from baby pressure).  My four kids were in the kid gym playing kickball, with dollhouses, coloring and doing puzzles.

It was there that I remembered I was supposed to post today!  Dangit!  I have the worst memory.  I had an idea all planned out but haven't gotten around to writing it yet.

Then I was inspired by something else.  I was working on my 5th or 6th lap in the pool when the young woman who was in the next lane approached me.  She must have been in her early 20's, holding a kick board and as she looked at me she asked me for some swimming tips.  She was trying to teach herself how to swim and apparently thought I looked like the perfect person to ask about technique (maybe it was my pink goggles, nose plugs and silver skull cap).

I was astonished!  I learned how to tread water and dog paddle when I was ten and that was the extent of my swimming capabilities.  Any technique I have in the pool is clumsy, awkward and disjointed.  Add an 8 month pregnant belly to the mix and I'm lucky I have any forward motion at all.  Frankly the only reason I swim right now is because it is the only time I'm not in pain.

I confessed my ignorance on the subject but gave her what tips I could and encouraged her to keep practicing.

I never learned her name but she taught me a lesson today.

Every time I am in the pool I am inspired/frustrated as I get lapped over and over again by other women (sometimes very, very old women).  I wish I could swim like them.  I wish I could glide through the water and not have my belly sink.  I wish I were fast and lean.  It never occurred to me that someone might look at my clumsy strokes and want to be like me.

She taught me that no matter how bad I think my weakness are, someone out there thinks they are my strengths.  She taught me that no one is perfect and that we can always be inspired by someone.  Most importantly she taught me that even as an adult, if I want to develop or refine a skill, sometimes all I just need to be brave enough to ask for help.

Ancora Imparo ~ I am yet learning.

Courtney is military wife and homeschooling mom.  She has been married to the greatest (and best looking) man for ten years and has loved nearly every minute of it.  She has two girls, ages nine and seven, and two boys ages five and two and another boy joining the family in November.  Courtney knows it is selfish of her, but she feels that her children are entirely too much fun for someone else to enjoy their company all day.  Courtney apologizes if this post is long winded and rambling.  She tends to feel very passionately about things and has a hard time ever shutting up.  You can find more of her and her musings over at My Ordinary, Every Day, Happily Ever After.

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Heidi said...

Thanks for this! Definitely an issue I struggle with too....not seeing the things I do as amazing, and always thinking I am lacking. It is something I have been trying to work on. It does always baffle me when someone else is impressed with me in some way...I always think "really?,all I do is what needs to be done." That someone is often my wonderful husband who always expresses his amazement.
Happy Day!